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Pump -> edging -> jelq ?

Pump -> edging -> jelq ?

So I got this idea, my unit is after 15 min of using bath mate obviously thicker, so if I just go on and do some edging right after the pumping, would it help to keep those gains? It makes sense to me, of course there is the problem to get full erection right after bath mate session, but its not impossible. Maybe it could work even better if I finish of with some jelqs. Any thoughts?

Yes, both techniques are very good for maintaining post pump size after pumping stimulating gains. I like to put an elastic cock ring on and edge after pumping which maintains my post pump erection and size and makes for a very stimulating edging session.

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I think this is similar in principle to the guys who do their manual stretches and then wear an ADS.

Pump/pull it to 110%+ of your norm and then do something to maintain that enhanced state.

Makes sense theoretically.

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Makes sense. I do that occasionally by clamping and edging.

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When I’m done my bathmate session and get out of the bathtub I just have a decent flaccid hang.. that’s it.. what is this pump you guys speak of? Maybe I’m doing something wrong .

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