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Pumps or Extender

Pumps or Extender

So I’ve been thinking of investing in either an extender or pump but not sure which would be best. My question is, if I do go with a pump which pump would be best to make gains, and which extenders are out there that will also help make gains? I’d like to incorporate either or with my exercises.

Titleist is the pumping pro; he should be able to answer your questions about pumps. From what I’ve read, pumps are good for increasing girth, while extenders are more focused on length. I tried the SizeGenetics extender, and don’t recommend it; it is very overpriced, doesn’t provide very high tension, and is very uncomfortable. If you decide to try the extender route, I’d suggest you get a cheap one from ebay and add Monkeybar’s vac hanger attachment; it is a big improvement.

As for me, I prefer hanging.

Live long and prosper.

Start with a pump, a good one with a gauge and a custom size cylinder. I have a extender that I never use. Plus Pumping if done correctly ( not too much pressure) is pleasurable. Definitely the first PE accessory you should by if you ask me.

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Fac E Spera

If you are starting now, no pump, no extender.

Go manual first. Do the linear first and then the newbie. Finish both. After that you can spend your money.

You may actually don’t have to spent it at all.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Had some modest gains from manuals that stalled. Tried an extender for a few months several years ago… didn’t work for me. Currently starting a pumping regimen. So, from my point of view, I’d say don’t bother with the extender.

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