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Rest days and PC Flexes.... !!!!


Rest days and PC Flexes.... !!!!

I posted the same thing in the Newbie Section, but I don’t know how many of you go there and read the forum, so I decided to post it here also. Might be some good info.

I know the term “Rest Days” can be easily misunderstood. It can mean, that you’re either not working your dick out that day, and giving him simply a break from pulling, stretching and squeezing or you give him a rest day; for him to recover from the inside, meaning building new cells and regenerate. Both theories are actually somewhat wrong. Your dick really “rests” when in an erect state, providing him/it with fresh oxygenated blood to jump-start cell growth.

I have an interesting book here, called “How to enlarge your penis - Facts and Fallacies”.A study of techniques for increasing penis size from ancient times to modern day methods.

It says here, quote:

“When an arab boy reaches the age of six, he is initiated into the practice known as “JELQ”, which is the elementary stage of Phallic Cultivation.”


“If the boy’s family is well-to-do, he’ll later be send to an establishment known as the “MEHBIL”. This is a combination of health-club, gym and spa, where he will undergo more elaborate daily treatment….also called ritual”

Anyhoo, the author tried the exercises for an entire year, appearantly, and he writes:” I performed the ritual slowly, using lower strokes with one or two fingers, never the closed hand and worked up to a near climax at least six times during each stimulation ritual, then I would relax and allow the penis to become semi-erect and I continue with the second and so forth stimulations. Sometimes the feeling of frustration occured around the fifth or sixth stage of stimulation, and when this happened I allowed the ejaculation, ending the process”.

I don’t know how effective this method is, but it follows the same principle your body uses naturally. Namely giving you soaring erections during the night, up to 5 or 6 times, rejuvenating your dick with fresh blood. But,…since we break down or force the growth of new cells, that can hold the blood we, forcefully, push into our dicks during the day or exercises, the “ritual” just encourages cells growth in a faster way. You do the ritual right after each workout and you still will get soaring erections during the night….get my drift? It’s a Happy Meal with a free cup of Sundea Icecream.

I used the method described in the book during the last experiment after each workout, calling it Phallic Cultivation, and gained a little over 0.3 inches in 2 months.

Makes me think if we’re all on the right rack with High-Intensity workouts, a lot of pressure, ….this and that.

Any comments?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


I’m not sure if I follow you but I think what you are saying is that the mere getting of a hardon causes some growth. Is this what you are describing in the jelq ritual - the getting of a hardon and letting it die down and then repeating over and over? I think that is interesting. I’ve known a few friends who are very well hung who swore it was their masturbating 3 or 4 times a day when they were young that caused their dicks to grow. Its weird because they really believed this. Maybe there is some partial truth to this - more hardons = more growth.

Is any of this “jelq” business really true with the sudanese arabs? I’ve read on some site that says its all made up. Not that there are pe methods that are old but that arabs had this ritual or that they are even in the guiness book of world records. Is any of that really true?

Well, I guess there’s some truth to it. Otherwise the entire PE thing would be nothing more than a huge myth.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Might hurt the hell out of your balls though…..

No, pe is real - just some of the stock stories used to support it might not be - I mean, are their actually arabs in the guiness book of world records with the biggest dicks developed through jelqing? Did arabs have these penis cultivating techniques like the one described in your fact and fallacy book?

People have used the techniques to increase the size of their dicks so pe can work. But do we really know its origins or are we just repeating some myth?

In your book, did the author experience any jelq routines like squeeze and pull that we know or uli type things or was it merely just getting an erection over and over until you can’t take it and cum? Did he get results?

If that is the case, why not experiment with just getting the hardon over and over and seeing what happens? This way you can see if it works or not.

I think it is interesting.

Personally, I think more rest days is the key to fast growth. This rest day concept works with all other activities that involve some sort of healing for growth (including actual growing!) so why not pe? I just find it hard to do more rest days. I try to do an every other day routine but i get tempted and cheat and do a workout on my rest day. Ai yai yai. Can’t wait to measure next week. It looks a lot bigger.

You misunderstood me a little bit....

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in the first post, but what they author described and meant was that the ancient arabs used the jelq method to basically prime their dicks. What we call a cell breakdown, microtears and such, and do to achieve that, is the same method what our (PE) ancestors used back then.

But, the differences is we stop there. Dead-cold. We jelq, stretch and squeeze the shit of our cocks, but basically don’t do anyhting to follow up after the workouts. That’s when the Phallic Cultivation process begins. It starts where the jelq and other methods left off, meaning providing the dick with fresh blood to encourage and speed up cell re-growth.

But, we also get that during the night. Soaring and rock-hard erections. Ergo, your dick is provided with fresh blood. The only difference is, if you do it once after the workout 6 times manually you’ll speed up the entire process of rejuvenation, since you’ll have the same process going on again during the night, without your help and completely out of your control.

I hope that cleared it up a bit.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Oh ok. I was wondering because nowhere in your post did this guy talk about “jelqing” as we know it. He seems to be only describing the “priming” part. I’m assuming then that this guy described the jelqing part that we are familiar with before he gets to this priming technique? What does he say about it? (the squeeze and pull jelqing?)

He says the jelqing is the elementary or basic part of phallic cultivation - this must be the workout part - and the ritual is the priming part. Is this jelqing described at all? Because the way it comes off is that there is no jelqing part as we know it, only this exercise where you encourage erections over and over until you cum - nothing more.

Priming and workout parts

…got mixed up, I’m afraid. Squeezes, jelqing, stretching and other exercises are the priming/preparation part, or workouts. The finishing “touch” (no pun) is the Phallic Cultivation, the hard-on part. I didn’t post any quotes about the jelq method from this book, because we all know what jelqing is.

I just found the last part of the entire PE Method interesting.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Oh ok. It is very interesting.

I imagine you would have to come after doing it however many repetitions or else you could end up with some severe testicle pain. Maybe not.

You just gave me an idea. Maybe on my rest days (day on day off) I can do this - I would probably have better quality erections as well with which to work with as my dick wont be so tired from a work out. Might be a good use of a “rest” day.


Good idea, newbie. Let us know how that works out for you.

And I’m going to bed.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I have several arabic friends, one of them is sudanese. None of them know ANYTHING about PE or Jelq… One friend of mine said that “jek” or something simmilar sounding means wanking in arabic, but thats as close to it as he could pin….

just my own input ;)

Well, maybe their traditions have changed over time, who knows. I’m not going to sit here and rack my brain over it. If it works for me and others, good.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

That book.....

Where did you get that book Uncut?

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