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Size Reality Check


Originally Posted by 5.5Squared
Bumping for #2 above. Remember to use ‘western average’ on calcsd. Makes things a bit more challenging.

Thanks for bursting the bubble.!

It does look more realistic though

Originally Posted by Pharaoh2
Thanks for bursting the bubble.!

It does look more realistic though

Still good! 😉

It’s pretty crazy to think and I know many of us here probably don’t see it this way, but a 7x6 penis is actually, from a volume perspective, double the average penis.

I think if there was such a thing as a “Perfect Size” and a size most women, or men if you swing that way, would love it’s 7x6.. Anything more then it’s really just about ego which I will admit I fall into. I’m not trying to increase my size at this point for anyone other than myself.


8.5 BPEL

7.25 EG

20.5 x 14 gotta make that girth into macro penis category even tho volume is already there

285 ml volume if I remember correctly, can’t bother to double check for potential 2 ml difference 😁

On site called visualizer I got 303 ml of volume, I guess because of head modifier, I guess my cock head is bigger than average compared to the shaft.

And even when I achieve that goal I will still be envious of the few pornstars who are bigger than myself, already bigger than most and it is part of their job to be hung.

If my poor ass gets bored of poverty I might involve myself into shooting porn 😁, would definitely move and do it then.

A good way to help visualize your penis length is in the shower. Once the glass doors are steamy get an erection, hold it up towards your belly button and press it against the steamed up door. Then stand back and you can get a good look at the length of your penis. It really does help put things in perspective.

Remember due to penis curvature you can only use these to visualise length as you will not see your girth properly

I’m 6.5 x 5.5. My wife loves it and I make her cum pretty often. That might be more to do with good foreplay and toys etc… (get a womanizer or similar clit suction thingy, life changing for us).

Ultimate goal used to be like 8x6 or so. But after reading this and watching her not be able to bottom out an 8x6 dildo, I think 7 or maybe 7.5x6 is my goal now.

Also others have said this, but I was amazed how close I was to the 8x6 dildo. I mean definitely shorter but I wasn’t far off if I put it right next to mine girth wise and my head is a little bigger actually. It’s crazy cause before I did a side by side it looked ridiculously big. I’m going to see if she likes a little more girth eventually because she handled the 6 easy and it’s not one of the super soft silicone dildos.


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