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Some thoughts on head squeezing

Some thoughts on head squeezing

I posted this on peforum, and as a new member here want to point out that I certainly am NOT trying to cast doubt on proven tactics introduced by respected members of the forum. This is simply an observation I have arrived at that I hope others may find helpful…

I never could get these to work well for me, even though I was squeezing every last drop of blood outa my head, leaving it small and withered. But, doing the horseshoe bends, I get a fantastic pump. However, I am NOT squeezing my head when I do these. Omitting this step gives my head an incredible pump to match my shaft girth. I guess I was lucky as having never seen a result from squeezing my head didn’t make me feel I was missing anything by not doing so. I think I now know why…

The link at the end of this post has very detailed graphics about the vascular network supplying the penis. After some study, it is clear to me that the artery supplying the head is linked to the smaller urethral chamber on the underside of the prick, not the two main side chambers. The veins are as well. Knowing arteries supply blood and veins take it away, it seems apparent that squeezing the blood out of one’s head can ONLY inflate the urethral chamber, and in no way impact the main chambers, which are fed by a deep artery running through their center and different veins to take the blood away.

I suspect that those getting good results when doing head squeezing are probably using a good bit of force to do so, thereby compacting the main chambers when their hands try to close together, as opposed to actually forcing the blood from the head into the shaft.

I recommend that if you want to maximize your head size, try to skip the head squeezing, as it doesn’t appear to be a necessary step to pumping up your shaft.

I lied, it was on page 3- … ogy/anatomy.htm

For what it’s worth…

Warning! Erect bend moves are only for advance users who proceed with utmost caution and are very in tune with their penis. Proceed at your own risk!

I think you’re right. You can’t squeeze blood from the head into the CC (only into the CS), but squeezing just below the head does work.

I’ve noticed when I’ve had my hanger on in “Uli mode,” i.e., pressure built up ahead of it, that I can feel the ends of the CC. They go a 1/3 to midway up the head (might have to draw a picture). Squeezing right under the head definitely compresses the ends of them and helps build pressure if you’re also using a tourniquet grip at the base.

EDIT: I should clarify. The CC ends can be felt when they are engorged and the head is relatively flaccid. This can be done using a production Bib hanger. Tom’s design might work too.

RB, it could be that your CC don’t extend into the head as far as others’. Hell, maybe mine are unusual?

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Hmmm...I'm puzzled

RB, you are correct, of course. Certainly in theory. But, now I am puzzled, and a little concerned. I have just started adding a few Horse-type squeezes to my routine. But, as I have heard so much about discoloration and loss of sensitivity due to squeezing just behind the glans with the regular Horse 440’s, I have been squeezing the head, instead. Someone suggested that as an alternative move for the forward hand in this exercise. I have to say that my entire penis girth above the base OK sign swells significantly and turns dark red for the 10-15 second hold. And, maybe it’s just my imagination, but my girth appears to be improving visibly in both flaccid and erect states. Now, I am wondering WTF is up with that?! Any thoughts?


I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!


First, squeezing the head can build pressure in the corpora cavernosa because they extend partially into the head. I think the orginal Horse squeezes work not by forcing the blood from the head into the CC, but by putting pressure on the ends of the CC. Squeezing right below the head is easier and does pretty much the same thing, but if done incorrectly can cause problems.

I have discoloration from two handed squeezes, but I figured out why it happened and solved the problem. I’ve been doing them again and haven’t had any further discoloration.

The trick is to not build pressure under stretched skin. Always keep the skin loose between your hands. Pull some skin forward as you set your tourniquet grip, and pay attention as you squeeze. You may need to move your hands slightly closer together as the shaft bulges. DO NOT pull them apart. By always maintaining some skin slack I don’t even get red dots from intense squeezes anymore. Oh, maybe one or two little tiny dots occasionally, but nothing like the big nasty blotches that eventually turned into my permanent(?) discoloration.

Re: loss of sensitivity, I’ve never experienced any from squeezes. When squeezing near the head I apply pressure primarily on the sides of the shaft. You want to stay away from the dorsal nerve. All the sensitive wiring is on top.

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Here’s a drawing, pathetic as it is. I’m no artist. ;)

(31.3 KB, 312 views)

Thanks, Hobby!!

Hobby, thank you for that excellent and helpful response. So glad to know that I am not crazy! Well, maybe I am crazy, but at least my experience with “Horses” doesn’t prove it. Hehe. :chuckle:

Even though I do pretty intense workouts, I have never had those nasty red blotches, thank goodness. And, I am ever so careful about the dorsal nerve. We want to increase our likelihood of pleasure (and our partner’s, of course), not diminish it.

Thanks again!! :)


I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

I see it exactly like Hobby stated…

Nice Jellyfish, by the way… :)

I just wanted to let people know it is possible to leave your head engorged and pressure your cc, making it a double duty move for head size as well as girth…

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