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Stretchers and Stress Relaxation

Stretchers and Stress Relaxation

Stretchers with adjustable length rods work the tissues differently than hangers or stretchers utilizing weights or elastic bands. Stress relaxation vs. creep.

If you set the rods to a certain length, the tissues relax at that length after a period of time, and the tension reduces. This is stress relaxation. Then, you crank the rods out a little farther and allow the ligs to relax again, and so on. How are you guys going about retightening the rods? How often?

This page is interesting. Their protocol for treating joint contractures using a similar adjustable device is to begin with one 30 minute session per day for the first week, go to 2 30 minute sessions the second week, and 3 per day for the remaining weeks. Retensioning is done every 5 minutes.

I’m wondering if stress relaxing in stages like this holds any particular advantage over applying a constant load. Perhaps intermittent relaxation allows the ligs to lengthen more in a given time? Or lengthen more, period. Maybe we should be focusing on stress relaxation and creep alternately, or even both in a certain order during a single workout. I don’t know, but this has been on my mind for quite a while.

Seems to me that if a guy wanted to use both in one session, starting with stress relaxation would be the way to go. Maybe 30 minutes of the above protocol for an initial stretch, followed by an hour or more of hanging weights to wring fluid from the ligs and allow for creep.

Thoughts on any of this?

EDIT: New link that I think is the same page I had linked above.

With my stretcher device, I do increase the length every few minutes to maintain the tension. I think some of the released tension is my glans slipping through the Bib hanger, but there is certainly some of the stress relaxation you are discussing here. At the end of my ~25 minute session, it’s cranked out about 1/2” more than where I started, and at least half of that is increased penis length.

I’ve only been using this method for 8 days, and in the first week, I averaged about 60 minutes per day using the device. I hope to increase this some in the near future.

Very interesting thought, Hobby. I don’t currently use a stretcher, but you got me thinking about it now. I see how this could be beneficial over a light constant weight, especially when “rebuilding”.

When I first started PE, the PE site I joined had said in their instructions to relax as much as possible during manual stretches. The theory was, the more you relax, the further you’re going to be able to pull out. I’ve always applied relaxing during manual stretches and hanging.

With my current hanging setup, I’m not using weights as force. I attatch the hanger to my bed post, and lay flat on my back so I’m stretching straight up. I slide further down the bed for more resistance, and slide further up the bed for less resistance. Similiar to what MDC said about his stretching device, I end up about .5 further down the bed, from where I started. I start off hanging with my max stretched length, and try to relax my body and penis as much as possible(I make an effort to do this). After a few minutes, I’m able to slide further down the bed.

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Link Update

Originally Posted by hobby
“.. This page is interesting..
EDIT: New link that I think is the same page I had linked above.”

Hi hobby,
They are not the same and both of them are now unavailable.
I looked for the papers at the Internet Archive:
The first one and the other one.
Thought it would be nice since there is a link for your thread at the “Science of PE” thread.

I discovered with stretchers less is more

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