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Stretching Outwards

Stretching Outwards

I have a theory on ligament based progress. As all of you know, stretching the ligs between the chicks (downwards) is considered to be the most effective way. In fact, there is no other way to put an intensive force on the ligs, cause hanging has been the most common practice for centuries and provides the most intense lig stretch. IMO stretching the dick downwards creates an imbalanced lig growth, because it only stretches the upper part of the ligs, leaving the bottom part of the ligs uneffected and that’s why it is recommended to pull the dick in all possible directions to eliminate this imbalanced growth. At this point, pulling the dick right outwards seems the most effective way to me. You may say that some stress may be taken by the tunica in that case, but remember that natural position of an erect penis is horizantally outwards. So the most effective lig based length growth must be reached with the most balanced lig stretch type which is the outward stretching. It is easy to stretch the dick downwards or to the left/right (penisplus type stretching) as an all day stretching purpose which don’t create any visibility problem. Problem for outward stretching for all day purposes is the visibility. And this led me to think that there must be an all day stretcher type pulling the dick outwards without any visibility problems. The only solution to this is wrapping the dick on a cylinder like object and adjusting the pull intensity accordingly such that it is stretched in 9:00 clock horizontal direction but without any visibility due to decreased penile length (because of wrapping it). I am trying to develop such a prototype and any comments on this are welcome.

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…decreased penile length due to wrapping? My comment is: :confused:

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I like stretching my dick between two chicks, too.

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Originally posted by L born XXL buried

…decreased penile length due to wrapping? My comment is: :confused:

L Born, I mean wrapping the penis on an object makes it undetectable from an outlooker and that’s why it can be used as an all day stretcher without any notice. Hope I could explain what I mean :)

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I understand it and have been thinking of the same thing myself. You mean wrapping it around a slender cylinder say a piece of broom handle. Position wise it is like holding a stick with both hands and rolling it back on the penis, it is all stretched around the stick but at the base it is going out at at 90degrees to your body, curled up into a discrete bunch. I think you wont need as much “attaching power” since it is held partially by traction on the cylinder. I still dont know how to attach though and pissing may be a pain. Maybe it will only need a medical bandage wrap to hold in place.

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I have also thought

about something similar. You can see the figure. Apart from stretching the ligs I believe that the tunica will be worked on as well.


(1.4 KB, 165 views)

That could be painful to attach. As you crank up the torque, you’d be imparting serious stress to your sulcus/glans.

Trigger and Priapos, I meant exactly the same thing as you. The sketch from Priapos looks good to be a prototype. When it comes to Wadzilla’s doubt about possible pains, may be a larger diameter object may help reduce such a pain, anyway if tension is not excessive I don’t think there would be such a risk. Thanks my friends for your help. :)

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Do you have a diagram of of this device?

I can’t imaigne how it would not be noticed in a pair of pant legs.

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An illustrative diagram is given above by Priapos. Of course tight pants may not be suitable for it.

Soon to be 9''.

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