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The 5-minute routine


Mamadou… five years later I answer your question. Sorry.

Yes, it’s without stopping. But it’s not a routine for beginners. There is a Newbie Routine for them.

I am looking a stretch routine and I think I found it, don’t know the LDP at all but I will try it

Olá, Peniluso, podes dar uma olhadela a esta listagem de exercícios de alongamento (em espanhol):

Hi, Peniluso, please read this list of stretching exercises (in Spanish):

Compilación de ejercicios de estiramiento

Obrigado pela partilha.

Thanks for share it, Shazzan.

Shazzan, can you tell me what worked for you on gaining girth? I see you did great on achieving girth as well.

Originally Posted by sentii
Shazzan, can you tell me what worked for you on gaining girth? I see you did great on achieving girth as well.

I think one of the most effective things one can do for girth is working out the tunica, making it more ductile, and then expanding the corpora with Horses and clamping. In other words, Horses and clamping have to be the last exercises in an advanced girth routine.

Here you are two advanced routines that gave me nice gains:

1) Mix of girth exercises:

* Dry jelqs (5 min)

*Jelqs squeezes (5 min)

*Ulis + Sadsak’s head exercise (5 min)

*Sadsak slinkies (15 in each direction, slowly, with this rithm: 5-0-3 seconds)

*Horses (15 reps, at least 30 sec each one)

- Clamping (15 min in total), which comprises:

*Mashing the unit against a counter (that is, the famous “over the counter” prescription for girth of dvm51): 5 min

*Extreme clamping: 5 min. Meanwhile, I like to do kegels.

*Plumped bends, clamping: 5 min

-Ulis (3 reps)

-Horses (10 reps)

2) Combined exercises

-Uli+Orange bend+Horse. I do an Uli (I squeeze the base, doing kegels in order to fill the penis with blood, and then I move the OK ring to the glans still I can’t continue) and I bend the penis in the swollen area. I keep that position for some seconds and then I squeeze the glans for 20 sec.

-Sadsak slinkies with Horses. I do ten Sadsak slinkies, slowly, in each direction (to the left, to the right, upwards and downwards), concentrating both on the positive and on the negative parts of the exercise, but before starting to bend the penis I squeeze the glans.

-Sadsak’s head exercise with Horses. I make a strong Horse with the free hand.

-15 min. of clamping

Warming up is fundamental, and being careful is critical. If you are a beginner or an intermediate, please don’t try this routines.

Ok thank you for all the suggestions. Can you say about how many hours per week you were doing girth exercises and whether you focused on girth separately or at the same time as length?

With such intensive routines, I separated length training from gith training (for instance, in the morning and in the evening).

I trained five days a week, resting when necessary (one day in the middle of the week and the other one on weekend).

I already built my routine, started 20th May and will work on it at least 3 months and measure every month.
The routine is based on the exercises at the link you share so I share with you too.

If anyone want to see could check it in the link below. It’s a length routine based on stretches.

Another Length Routine - Starter Level

Thanks, Peniluso. It makes 23 min of stretching in total. Try it and if it works, just keep doing it.

Nevertheless, I’ve found that for many persons a stretch routine of at least 30 min is the best.



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