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The Broscience of Thunder's Place


The Broscience of Thunder's Place

There’s no scientific proof that jelqing works or hanging. There’s no credible scientific proof for extenders or pumping (it’s all sponsored research on tiny sample sizes). There are men in white lab coats claiming pills work on late night TV and smiling at you from websites.

Then you come across a place like this that tells you pills are useless, real gains can be made with jelqing etc. and starts using complicated language and acronyms to make it sound more sciencey. And the proof … anecdotal evidence.

Why should anyone come here and think that it’s anything other than extremely laborious bullshit backed up with whispers. After all there are so many sites around packaging insecurity and selling it to both men and women, why isn’t this an example of that. Or maybe it is?

Do we help ourselves by trying to create elaborate theories based on stretching research on ED sufferers and rats or physical anatomy and anecdotal evidence?

Does that guy who gained 3” overnight have the answer?

Why use BPEL as a measurement? How does pushing into your public bone help with usable erect length?

What’s the pitch here? Millions of $$ in donations from gullible men?

Would the average guy coming across this website be a moron to take it at face value?

After all isn’t it just broscience.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I’m confused. Are you asking the group at large. I’m new. I really hope this stuff works.

Well momento.. Where do you stand on this ? Yes it may be bro science but it’s foundations are predominantly based around sound science.aren’t they ? Cell division is a fact it’s how we fix ourselves isn’t it ?

When you see the vast community here it gets you thinking if maybe they’re onto something. Back then I was willing to have faith in anything so I did my jelqs hoping for the best.

I think it would help if people, newbies especially, were encouraged to take a photo their penis for comparison with later gains, with rulers or tape measures to make it easy to see. Yes, photos can be altered, but they are much more convincing than just words. While there are some before/after photo comparisons on here, they seem to be relatively few, and usually without the benefit of rulers or tape measures. Doesn’t mean you need to upload your photos at the start, but if you want to claim about gains later on it will certainly help if the ‘before’ photos actually exist. Sorry to be obvious.

I have made a small donation to this site. Partly in thanks all for the valuable information (and it has been useful to me), partly because this is a unique, interesting and fun site, and lastly to help ensure that it stays open to continue offering hope and brotherhood to those seeking advice and encouragement.

Could be wrong, but sincerely doubt that Thunder has become mega-rich as a result of operating this site. Don’t remember having to pony up a big membership fee to gain access to information that made absurd promises and guaranteed overnight success. And that’s probably why a lot of members dare to believe that this stuff may actually work.

But you’re certainly right that much of this is ‘bro-science’. But then, you were able to make a 60% volume improvement. And I was able to quickly gain back what I’d thought had been lost forever due to age and lack of use. And truthfully, what I gained back was worth a hundred times my measly donation. (So Thunder, more is definitely coming.)

Is there a way I can donate anonymously?

Started 11/2014 6" BPEL x 4" MEG (Ballpark #'s)

As of 01/2017 7 1/2" BPEL x 4 7/8" MEG

18 Month Comparison Pic

Here’s how I knew immediately that Thunder’s Place was different.

1) You’re never bombarded with advertisements for penis pills and other BS
2) You don’t have to pay to gain access to the info
3) The owner, ThunderSS can be seen commonly around the website, and he’s not constantly plugging some product
4) This site is huge! And all of the posts and info are by the people for the people
5) There is actual photo evidence to back up some people’s claims

To me, Thundersplace is as legitimate a website as you will find anywhere else on the net. Sure the MDs out there don’t back us up, but they don’t need to for any reasonable person to see that this place is real.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Well said, juiice!

:_pump: :donatecar

This is an underground science, but science nonetheless, I happen to be a science graduate in human physiology (never again do I want to say that on here as it sounds boastful, but have so to add credit to the science itself) So much of the data here is sound. Especially considering it’s Bro origins .

I have gained 1.6” and half of that I had to regain again. This stuff works and that is it.

Some interesting research that I would love to see done here, would be to examine more closely our mental obsessions and the reasons behind them. this is more psychology than physiology so that is where I am out of my dept, but I am still VERY interested in the results.

Some day into the future I will send a big donation Thunders way, just gotta start getting those sky high stacks first. :)

I will definitely say that this site has a much more independent feel than PEGym for sure. There is substantial data, but with most things it suffers from many biases or issues with anonymous internet data submission. I am not saying it is all false but for how much is out there and how scientific some of it is, there is still a lack of ability to draw absolutely conclusive evidence.

Without knowing the true economics of how the owner makes money, we don’t know the motivations. I will point out that “” goes directly to Brazzer’s, this may have been Brazzer’s doing in buying the domain for people looking for this site or there could be a benefit to this site’s owner. Who knows? I’m not saying they do benefit but it is interesting to keep in mind.

I don’t think it is BS, but I do think whispers is a great way to describe this. So many people who are posting “progress” have no visual evidence or say they forgot to take starting pics, or when there are requests for pics of claimed size they don’t materialize.

With all that being said, I like forums and like this forum in general as I think people are welcoming, helpful and friendly and I would like to think what is claimed is achievable and it is not a few preying on male insecurities. Many of the processes make sense in terms of being “possible” to add some length/girth.

I am here after hearing an unprompted/unbiased account(in person) of how he did jelqing and went from 8” to 9”. Is it possible he is lying? Yes, but the nature in which it came about makes it less likely I think. It made me curious and while I am skeptical I will put in some dedicated effort to see for myself if it yields results.

Hell, with the gofundme or kickstarter campaigns these days I think we could fund a true scientific study if we really wanted some answers which I think would be a huge benefit to everyone here and anyone interested in PE.

What Is Up

What’s up with you? Are you okay? I sense you are distressed. Why the questioning, bro? You seem to have been such a proponent of PE, and then you post such a questioning post. I’m concerned about you. I follow your lead, so it makes me uncomfortable to see your original post here.


PE works.

Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Trust me.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

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