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The only jelq that worked for me


Hey guys, some days ago I made a big post about my gains in another forum branch, but got no replies at all. So wonder a bit am I doing good or no. The thing is that I had to stop jelqing, because even with warm-up gel from sex shop it makes skin on my penis shabby, at 24 years old :/ May be I do something wrong? Reply me here or at forum thread please - Improvements in Newbie Routine for length gains

Originally Posted by Belloza
That’s is now quite some commitment. I’m however very confused. I too am uncut and found dry jelqing very uncomfortable. Looks like I was doing it wrong. Sorry cayance but I’m struggling to understand your method. Are you basically pushing with your thumb on top and your middle finger underneath with your point finger along the sides? I just can’t visualize the movement.

I perfected the grip so I try again with a pretty new explanation.

Ok, so point out with your index finger like you would point on another person. Now bend your index finger downwards like a hook. Now put both your hands in this position down next to your dick’s two sides. Use thumbs which are there anyway, to assist your penis, like stabilizing from top, and use middle finger to assist from little bit under the sides. No real pressure, only just to guide the movement. Use main pressure on the sides through index fingers. The top half of your index fingers, the hooky part, lays flat against your shaft sides which makes it pretty comfortable for me because of bigger surface area. I use about 40% erection level. At too low erection level it doesn’t feel good for me, nerves are not protected by swollen CC, at least that is my reasoning behind it. Give me a feedback if that helped. :)

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