Thanks AndyJ, that doesn’t sound reassuring :( . It is the one thing limiting my visual perception. It looks a lot smaller due to it not being the same girth all the way through.

Scienceguy, yes but only slightly. Nothing extreme enough for it to expand and flare out. It’s not a lack of bloodflow, its just small in comparison. Have tried doing squeezes and it doesn’t make a noticeable expansion.
I have a slight upward curve from 3/4 of the length just under the girth and always thought this may have caused a lack of growth in the area due to less blood flow to grow it during puberty.

Was hoping someone with a similar issue found a way to get their glans girth to catch up to their MSEG.

3/02/2019 - BPEL 6.5", MSEG 5.5"

BPEL 6.5” to 9.0" 8% Progress 6.7”

MSEG 5.5” to 6.5" 19.7% Progress 5.71”