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I agree. Take starting pics! I didn’t and I could kick myself for it now. I wouldn’t call myself a legend, just a long timer.

Starting stats- BP 5x4.5 (2002) Current stats- PBEL 7.25x5.25 (2012) PE is a marathon, not a sprint!

my pics progress apparent

The pictures are from different cameras, different angles, growth still apparent.

07/08/08 nbp 5.75; bpel 5.93; eg ?;fsl >6.25

07/31/09 nbp 6.5; bpel 7.0; eg 5.93 ; fsl 8

08/24/10 nbp 6.75;bpel 7.25; eg 6.0; fsl 9.0-Too bad PE doesnt work =D

Originally Posted by Robert Frost
I cannot say that I have inspired anyone and have posted very little. I have no proof of progress as I have few pictures and no starting point pictures. The difference during any short period of time was not that significant. Nothing happen in 30, 60, or 90days. I do no have an exact start date and as I recall the first measurable change was significant and the progress occurred in plateaus. I kept no initial records as I did know if it would work. It was more of a quest to see if it would work without all of the stuff that was for sale out there. My progress was very slow, but enough to keep me going. I am very much in the closet about the entire process. It has been almost 10 years I do not know exactly when I started but the starting measurement a reasonably accurate as it was the point that I though my cock was shrinking from age. All I have ever done are the manual exercise that are now well established and explained on this site. No tools or devices and no negative implications as to such devices I just did not use them and no drugs, pills, or special lotions. Some of these things may have very well sped up the process.

I never really had a routine and no warm up other than I did not go faster or harder than I thought was appropriate. I continually change the exercises or rotate exercises. I do and did a lot of manual stretching, and squeeze type of exercises. At my starting length I found jelqing hard to do and I it did not seem all that effective at the time. I could be very wrong about that. I tried not to do anything stupid or that I thought was going to hurt myself.

Being married and in the closet it was difficult to have a routine, time, and place. There has never been much said about the penis. Maybe it all took so long it didn’t matter. LOL.

I consider myself a success story and I encourage anyone who is interested in PE to make up their mind that it does and will work and it is up to them to take the information and do something with it and it may take some time.

Recently I have been able to measure 9.25” fsl and bpel across the top at 8.4 on a good day. I have gained almost 3”EL and about 1.4” in girth. Girth needs more work. I know there are others that have done better and more and I am fun with my new toy! I hope to catch up to that flaccid stretched length.

Your story is very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

You have been at it 3 to 4 times longer than I have and have gained about twice as much length and three times as much girth, but there are some similarities in our experiences and approach. I had a relatively “easy” early length gain of about an inch within a year with manual exercises. During that time I seemed to gain only a little girth. After the length gains clearly plateaued I started hanging but continued manual exercises. Since then I have had slow gains in length with proportional girth gains, but they “stutter” just as yours have. I may go 2 or 3 months with little noticeable gain then suddenly measure 1/8” larger.

I also tend to do PE at different times during the day, when time and privacy are available and the mood strikes. If I wake up at night, I will frequently do some stretches. Although I usually warm up before hanging, I often do not do so before stretching or jelqing. I don’t follow a set routine, vary the amount of time devoted to PE per day, some days do nothing, and cycle different exercises as well. The difference between your BPFSL and your BPEL is almost identical to mine.

People are usually pretty impressed with my length gains, but since I started at age 17, I feel I was at least aided by natural growth.

Decemeber 2007: 5.8" BPEL x 4.9" MSEG

Current:-------->7.7" BPEL x 5.7" MSEG (7.2" NBPEL)

Current Goal:--->7.6" BPEL X 5.8" MSEG Do or do not, there is no "try".

I’ve gotten some decent gains throughout the years. Hopefully I will be able to get some more in the future :) .

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Redbear 52, good to read your comments. It seems that there are others who have found their pathway through the maze of info!

As others now I also wish that I had taken pictures when I started. I may have one ancient picture, I’ll see if I can find it, pre-digital cameras.

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.

The aspects of your account that are most interesting and significant to me are that you continued to gain over quite a few years, although it sounds as if you had plenty of plateaus, and that you stuck with it despite not seeing any significant change for several months running.

I think a lot of guys see significant initial gains which then plateau. I have always wondered if everyone had some absolute limit to the gains that could practically be achieved through investment of a not completely unrealistic amount of time and effort. Your experience suggests that it may be possible to continue to make some gains indefinitely, although perhaps subject to the law of diminishing returns.

Redbear 52 - The best I can track things in my non-scientific methodology is that I think the gains are going at about the same rate with the same plateaus (6 to 9months). I think as a life style I have not seen significant changes in my body in general so I had not expectations of changing my body. If I exercise more, go to a gym, I get in better shape but I do not bulk up. I weigh about what I did when I was 20. Except for motorcycle accidents, I do not get injured or pull tendons or muscles and I am quite strong for my size. I think that other people’s bodies react differently to stress be it through injury or exercise. Who we are, what we do, and how we do it all seem to be significant factors that are very difficult to evaluate and compare. I would think at some point the law of diminishing returns would enter into the process. This might balance out a bit with the “use it loose it theory” and as long as one is reasonable healthy the potential range may vary per person substantially.

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.

It has been a while since I have been here. This thread caught my eye. I am like Robert Frost. I can’t recall when I started doing PE and I also wished I had took pictures and logged progress. But I have been doing PE for six to eight years. In the beginning I was fairly hard core, but the last few years I have just been doing stretching and squeezing type exercises for brief periods of time. I had to laugh when I read that Robert Frost would wake up in the middle of the night and do PE, cause I do the same. I think it is just a habit I have gotten into. Sometimes I catch myself walking around the house squeezing or pulling. Forgive me if I don’t use the exact lingo that is used here but I will give you some measurements that I do recall. I know my first measurements were “bone pressed” 6.75 inches in length. I think.4.75 inches circumference midshaft. But the other day I pulled the tape out to check. Which I rarely do any more, maybe twice a year. But I am now a solid eight inches “bone pressed” and a solid six inches circumference at mid shaft. My flaccid length is usually around six inches. The only thing I can give a solid reference to is that years ago on here I saw a picture of a guys cock next to toilet paper roll. His cock dwarfed the toilet paper roll. So I had to compare myself cause I had made some good gains. When I compared myself to the toilet paper roll my cock slide inside it. I was deflated. (No pun intended) So I threw away the measuring tape and the toilet paper roll. But I kept doing my PE. I don’t know how much time went by, maybe a year or close to two. But I remembered that guy in the picture and decided to check myself. This time only half the head of my cock entered the toilet paper roll. I was astounded. I couldn’t believe it. They had to of changed the size of the toilet paper roll. But we all know it is pretty much a standard size. At that time I hadn’t quite reached 8x6 size yet. This renewed my interest in being more disciplined in my PE. About six to twelve months later I checked it again. This time only about a third of my cock slide in. I tell this story cause I want all of you to know that being persistent and consistent will yield gains. I am not a hard core PE’er like many here are, but over time I know that it works. And yes my wife does like it. I find it very humorous when I am naked and I catch her looking at my flaccid cock. She looks like a cat eye balling a string that you are dragging across the floor contemplating the idea of attacking it. I will continue doing what I am doing, but time is an issue for doing hard core PE. At this time I don’t see myself doing that. Take care and don’t give up.

Another great inspirational story hindshot, thank you, as it was exactly what I needed this morning. I have been pretty depressed lately as I don’t see any gains and am getting depressed about it. I was starting to doubt myself and having thoughts of whether PE even works for me, but I won’t quit, just this morning I was pulling and stretching my dick out of the shower.

Can you tell me more about the intensity of your stretches and squeezes and how often you would do them. Thank you.

Now: NBPEL = 6.4 MSEG = 5.3 BEG = 5.75

Goals: NBPEL = 7.0 MSEG = 6.0


As Albert said, it’s all relative. For me the idea was to start out slow and easy and then keep pushing the envelope provided I did appear to be hurting my self and I did not see negative impact or results (damage control). This is something you have to learn for your self. Another quote “A man has to know his limits” something like that. I do a lot of stretching and squeezing that is very intense and my hands and arms get very tired and sore on occasion. Perhaps I should be more concerned about carpel tunnel syndrome! I did not start out doing anything with the intensity that I might use now. It’s part of the learning process.

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.

@ hindshot and Robert Frost

Can you tell us the way you perform warm up?

When you speak of legends you have to speak the name ‘Kingpole’

Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

Originally Posted by kooljohn
When you speak of legends you have to speak the name ‘Kingpole’

Yes. He’s my hero. 2.75” length gain and 1.5” girth gain in ~4 years. Awesome gains. Not that it will ever happen but sometimes, I kinda think what size I would be if I had those gains: 9.75” NBPEL x 7.5” girth. That would be a scary dick.

Starting Size: April, 28, 2010: NBPEL-7" Girth-6" (base, MSG, glans)

Currently: BPEL-8" NBPEL-7.25" Girth-6.25" (base)/6.125" (MSG)/6.125" (glans)


Scarsick - I have never been very good about a warm program. When it’s cold I will warm up with the hot water and cloth a bit. I think I use the internal blood flow warm up technique with a mild semi and some squeezing usually does the job and then when we settle down a bit I do the stretching. Where I live it’s very warm or hot most of the year and getting warmed up is not a problem.

When young I was about bpel 6x5 by 2002 size had shrunk down to bpel 5.5x4.8 with age, had to do something!

09/10 bpel 8.4, eg 5.8 midshaft (6.3 base) Goal- 9x6.2 average eg.


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