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Tight skin

Tight skin

What do you do to stretch your skin?

I have rather tight skin on the underside of my shaft and it prevents me from gaining more. It kind of restricts erections.

I try to stretch it manually but it does nothing after some weeks. It feels that it gets tighter.

“Method 2 is basically making an OK symbol with the thumb and index finger of each hand. With one hand, the thumb and index finger encircle the shaft of your penis near your scrotum. With the other hand, the thumb and index finger encircle the shaft near the glans. With a firm grip, the two hands are moved apart to stretch the skin on your shaft.” (

This is the method I use, only one that looks like it won’t create turkey neck to me. Works good so far.

~No Worries~

Can this reverse turkey neck?

It is for me. Keep in mind this is not a quick fix, it will take time, but it has reduced mine a bit so far. I’ve been doing it for almost 7 months now on and off. Would probably have better results if I would stick to it daily.

~No Worries~

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