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Tunica Lengthening Routine

Originally Posted by Klayton

Ah I see - but is that penis enlargement or just lig lengthening? Or option three - harder ruler pressing.

But that would be a crappy type of ‘gain’ for sure wouldn’t it? :(

I think so, but that’s exactly what guys mean when they refer to lig gains or lig lengthening. Stretching the ligs merely changes the position of the penis relative to the body. It doesn’t change the size of the penis itself.

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I was thinking about maybe doing the DLD Blasters with the A-stretch, straight up, and straight out. I was reading it on one of DLD’s posts and he was saying he does it with 3 sets of 10 reps while doing just an A-stretch. Is this enough do you think or should I do the blasters with the straight up, straight out, and a-stretch. Thank you guys so much for the quick responses to my thread. All of you are really helping me out a ton. Hey Chicken, I’m gonna check out the link you posted for the 2 inch gains and maybe try that if I like the looks of it. Again, thanks to all of you guys. I’ll be posting again soon when I put together a routine too let all of you see it and tell me your thoughts. Thanks guys!

Maybe you should go to his site and get some info on that. I think most members here are gaining without using that specific type of stretch. If I remeber it’s just a reverse kegel or something along with the stretch.

Based on what I have read and tried, I would recommend fulcrum stretches. You are going to hit the ligs some but the real stress is on the fulcrum point. V and A stretches using a drum stick or large wooded spoon as fulcrum can reek havoc on the stubborn tunica. Check out Wantsmores thread on golf weight stretches too.


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I looked at Bennet8’s routine and it looks like exactly what I was hoping for. I’m going to start doing that routine and then if I see some gains I’ll stick with it. I might turn them into bundle stretches after doing the routine for awhile to add some intensity. Thanks guys for all your replys and help! I really appreciate it! Your all awesome and good luck to everyone!

Well I’ve been measuring about everyday for the past week to make sure my length wasn’t fluctuating and I’m getting a constant 7.25” measurement for length. AWESOME!!!! That’s a 1/4” gain in 20 days! I’m definitely sticking with this routine for a while. Good luck everyone!

Hi dwight

First of all congradulation for the new .25 gain. We had the same length last month but with this new routine you are bigger.

So dwight, I want to know your routine in details and today please.

take care

I have it under my PE Statistics. Just click my name and hit “View Dwights PE Statistics”.

Thank you dwight. But the problem is that there is a problem with the internet service here that I can not click on the names at all.

I know it is my problem but I would really appreciate it if you could copy paste it here.

thank you

I do Bennett8’s routine holding each stretch for 30 seconds. I do it once a day and then do some stretches just before bed which I have also written down labeled “JUST BEFORE BED”. After each stretching session I do kegels, testicle massage, and skin stretches. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Bennett8’s routine:
2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

after stretches:
put on warm wrap and do the following while its on
200 quick kegels
50 5sec kegels then a 1min kegel squeeze
testicle massage/skin stretch
take off warm wrap and hold medium stretch, switching between SO and SU until penis cools to body temp


5min warm wrap

1 Set of each below
30 second medium SO stretch
30 second medium SU stretch
26 clock rotations out and up

after stretches put on warm wrap and do these while its on:
100 quick kegels
25 5sec kegels then a 1min kegel squeeze
testicle massage/skin stretch
take off warm wrap and hold medium stretch, switching between SO and SU until penis cools to body temp

Thank you man. I’m reading.

No problem.

Well I read it.

I think I am going to give it a try for one month and see if I can move from 7 inch which I stuck in for months now.

I will do some modifications though. Instead of using my using my second hand as fulcrum I would use a rubber ring . I think it will be more comfrotable.

Bye the way did you do any jelqing in the 20 days or was it only stretching and how come your not using ADS?

take care

I haven’t done any jelqing or girth exercises since I started PE last November. My reasoning for this is because I want to hit my length goal first so that when I move on to doing girth exercises they are hitting all of my length that I want to thicken, thus giving a uniform girth. I was worried that if I do girth exercises while I’m still working on getting more length that the “new” length wont be as thick as the rest of the shaft that has been getting girth work, creating the dreaded “baseball bat” effect. Also, as a side bonus there is some speculation that tunica length gains are easier to get if you haven’t worked on girth, but I don’t know how much truth there is to that. I figure better be safe than sorry. I’m not using an ADS just because I don’t want to be pulling down at all. My goal is to achieve all tunica gains with no to minimal lig gains, and I feel that if I use an ADS that pulls down I’ll be working the ligs. Also, I’m a little lazy. If you have any suggestions for a good ADS I would be up to checking it out. The rubber ring sounds like a good idea. I read on DLD’s site that he started using a tube sock for the fulcrum and felt intense stretches. I might start trying that if my gains slow down. I’m hoping they wont though. Good luck with the routine. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Have a good one bud!

Hi dwight.

I have to agree with you that jelqing is not that necessary for length gain and the proof is you and me. You had 1 inch gain in length without doing any jelqing. At the same whenever I increase my jelqing sessions, I did not get any benefit in length department.

Any ways, I will be starting your routine in a couple of days. At the moment I am looking for something comfortable with smooth edge for fulcrum stretching.

About the ADS, I am using the blue sleeve from Only the blue sleeve and nothing else. I put half of the length of the sleeve on my my glans and couple of centimeters behind it and pull the other end of sleeve downward on my thigh and try to hold it there using a leg strap.

The tension would me mild just to keep my unit in extended state.

That’s it.


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