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turkey neck at the base + general jelqing question

turkey neck at the base + general jelqing question

I’ve got one of these and it makes it incredibly hard to get a tight “OK” because you pinch it when you go down to reach at your base…

For those that dont’ know what I’m talking about, it’s as if the ball sac’s skin reaches up a little on the bottom side - a little past the base.

Lol, as far as a picture I guess this is the best I can do in order to show what it sort of looks like:


where 00 are the boys, the / is the “turkey neck” nad the rest you can figure out. It connects to the undershaft and as said makes it harder to jelq with when you want a tight squeeze.

So two questions:

Anyone else have one of these and find ways to get around it and still get results? I’m worried this will retard my gains as I may not be able to do it right sometimes because of that.

For those that have a PJ device, I’ve heard most like to use it on the sides of the shaft rather than the top+bottom, do you do the sides primarily or do a 50/50 between them? I have mine in the mail and I’m hoping this helps since I can grab the base from the sides and not worry about not getting a good grip.

Ok so 3 questions, this one’s a general jelquing question. It seems that jelqing works by grabbing all over the shaft (basically choking it and pushing towards the head) and pulling up, rather than doing what the power jelq might do and grab hard on two sides. Any opinions on whether this is better or worse? I see a lot of people praise the PJ since it seems to help with gains…

I was trying to figure out how to mention the “turkey neck”, I knew I couldn’t be the only one with one and I saw one mentioned in another post and it made me wondere how many others have lower hangers (balls) that seem to cause this?

Thanks for any feedback, I’m a newbie trying to get some inspiration here and I’m only on week 2 so I think gains will be a bit aways as it is now :(


"turkey neck"

Hey nigret,

“turkey neck”- LOL

If I understand correctly your problem is the trapping of skin from the underside when you start the ok jelqing motion. For me it took some time to modify the ok grip so that it doesn’t trap and pull the skin - just experiment a little to figure it out.
Another possibilty is to hold the balls and pull them down with one hand while you jelq the shaft with the other hand. If you try this you’ll notice that the turkey skin is stretched and does not interfere with the ok grip. An additional bonnus of this method will be the stretching of the sac for a better hang of the balls.

I dont use the PJ so cant comment on it.

BTW I loved your little drawing!

Good luck

ù ì å í


carefull !

Just lurking here ….i was reading your discussion. OK guys here is my warning: don’t stretch the balls or take them to stop the skin. At the very beginning i was using this kind of solution, it’s very VERY dangerous for the veins and others inside, u can have great problems !!!! now i use this solution: i place the other hand (palm down) lying at the base of the penis, pushing a little against the pubic area, this way the skin don’t move too much and u can jelq easily.
Best Regards.


yeah i’m happy with my balls now, they already wear through all my boxers making two holes LOL

What i do right now is go down the shaft with my first finger, pressing the skin to the base, then use the middle (f’you finger) finger to jelq. This way I always get a grip from the base, the only problem is getting used to gripping tight with that finger+thumb combo.

Waiting for my PJ in the mail, hope it gets here soon, it’ll be nice to have another way to jelq!

What I do is start palm up, press my scrotum into my body, close my little finger around my dick, then the other fingers and move slowly outward. It’s a squeeze-jelq. If I use my right hand, I squeeze the sides of my dick between my thumb and first finger, like a Power Jelq does.

Sometimes I like to do an A=OK around my balls and another around my dick and pull them apart, but I don’t do it a lot or for many repetitions.


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