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VacExtender2 Questions

VacExtender2 Questions

I just received my VacExtender 2 and have been testing it out the last hour for fitment and comfort. So far so good. I just wanted to know whether there was any chance of cutting off blood flow with this? Not being able to feel the glans and not seeing it is kind of a scary thought and I would not want to go around all day not knowing what is going on under there.

I am uncut, is it best to roll down my foreskin or just leave it up?

And another thing I noticed with this, is it is KIND OF hard to take off, especially the blue sealing sleeves. What is the best way to take it off?

Does it matter how much air is out of the main cylinder where the head goes?

And last question what is the constriction sleeve for?


No one? Playing around, the biggest problem I am facing is when I roll down the sealing sleave, some foreskin gets caught between and pulls and hurts. Anything I can do to prevent this?

You’ll find a lot of help on the site, there’s some videos that explain better methods for taking the device on and off as well as the constriction sleeve.

The constriction sleeve is to help prevent fluid build up in the glands, as well as providing a bit more protection and covering for that sensitive area of your penis.

The device is pretty tough the get off quickly, but you get better. I usually take off the stretching rods, take off the attaching part, then slip the cap off from underneath the blue tube, then slowly roll the blue tube from the bottom off my penis, it’s easier with the constriction sleeve on beneath it, just slowly peel them apart. Watch out for the tip, it’s easy to pinch yourself as your rolling up the blue tube.

There’s a thread in the Review forum that the creator frequently responds to, I’d try the rest of your questions there, and read up a bit in that thread for some answers.

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