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Wet jelq vs dry jelq for uncut


Wet jelq vs dry jelq for uncut

I am uncut so I am able to do dry jelqs very easily. Instead of any “sliding friction”, when an uncut person dry jelqs there is only “rolling” of the foreskin over the skin underneath. So there is virtually no friction or chafing. In contrast, wet jelqing seems to be basically 100% “sliding” and so there is friction and rubbing. Thus, I exclusively dry jelq as I am not aware of anything but disadvantages to wet jelqing for me.

So I wonder why wet jelqing seems to be more popular. Those of you who are uncut and do wet jelqing: Why do you wet jelq rather than dry jelqing? I’m thinking there must be something I’m missing.

I’m uncut too.

Lubed jelqing only.

Dry jelqing remains one of the mysteries of PE, for me - I can’t even conceive of how it is done.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

I only do dry jelqs. The main reason is, of course, it is less messy; plus, jelqing creates loose skin, where dry jelqs, correctly done, do not or in a very minor extent.

Dry jelqs are more effectvie for girth I think, where wet have a more balanced effect. Dry jelqs are easier for uncut, jelqs for cut people.

Dry jelqs for me, I’m uncut too. Make sure you kegel between every jelq.

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I’m uncut and do wet jelqs. Mostly I like the way it feels. Also I wonder if dry jelqing can make your foreskin longer? I dont want to look like an ant eater.

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Originally Posted by Klayton
I’m uncut too.

Lubed jelqing only.

Dry jelqing remains one of the mysteries of PE, for me - I can’t even conceive of how it is done.

Lol same here, I only wet jelq.

Vkn1, do you pull your foreskin back when you wet jelq? I always jelq with the foreskin covering the glands.

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I’m only doing dry style jelqs, but with a little lube, this way my skin won’t get too dry after 20min of doing it.

Originally Posted by Klayton
I’m uncut too.

Lubed jelqing only.

Dry jelqing remains one of the mysteries of PE, for me - I can’t even conceive of how it is done.

I’m with you on that one.

Whatever is comfortable for you. I think most cut guys wet jelq, uncut guys have the option to do either. That’s why wet is more common. I do the dry jelq, but do use a little lube like turnau said. I like a little slip to the grip.

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Don’t you guys that dry jelq get dry skin? It sounds so appealing to dry jelq mainly because as someone already pointed out, less mess and I suspect it might be easier to do the Horse 440’s since I only squeeze the blood out of the head, with lube on its easy for the head grip to slip, gets frustrating at times.

No you don’t get dry skin - otherwise, you have not understood the correct technique. The poin in dry-jelqs is to use the skin as a lubricant.

Will give it another try in the evening session then, it’s so appealing I have to give it another shot, maybe I’ll get it right this time.

Yeah try it. Don’t use a too tight grip and don’t do too many reps (strokes?), dry jelqs are more intense then wets.

Would you recommend doing them slower as well than the standard 3 sec stroke? And my jelqing sessions is 20 min with 2 horse 440’s every 5th minute, does that sound about enough, not to much time for the dry jelq?

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My personal opinion is that you can’t do a jelq too slow. :) So 3 seconds is the minimum duration, but if they are done slower eveven better - slow is good to learn the correct technique too. 20 minutes dry jelqs is way way too much. I’d say you should start with 50 dry jelqs, no kidding. Your grip should be tight enough the make your skin slide along the shaft, but not more than is needed to do that - hope is clear what I mean. You will be suprised at how the next day you’ll feel horny.

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