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What can one use for clamping other than a cable clamp?

What can one use for clamping other than a cable clamp?

What other tools are there to use in place of the cable clamp? I am looking for an easier to use tool, such as maybe an inflatable ring with a hand pump, which seems like it would be more comfortable and could be thrown on and off in a matter of seconds with no worry of pinching.
I am hoping to find a new tool because I have not been successful with gaining girth with my pumps or my cable clamps yet. I have gained all the length I want with manual PE and a Bib hanger, so I feel stuck on my PE journey as I know the last hurdle to get over is my unimpressive MS girth.

I tried a lengthy pumping routine, and when the swelling went down it showed no gains from many hours of being in the tube, and it even took me down to a smaller girth slightly. So I don’t have much confidence in pumping to produce the results I am looking for in a reasonable amount of time and prefer to only use the pump occasionally for the fun benefits it gives, but not as the main method of gaining. Without any form of PE, my MS girth has fallen back down to around 4.75”, which is creating problems with my girl friend since I already felt way too small in her larger canal when my MS girth was a little over the 5” mark.
Now it’s like “what’s the point?” when I think about making a move on her to have sex, since neither of us really are getting fulfillment out of the act at this point.
The fact that we have been together so long and don’t really have that burning lust for each other anymore adds to the problem. If I do some things with my hands on her though I can make the experience better, but it’s still lacking excitement for me like it did in the past, like back when we first met and she hadn’t had a baby or become very out of shape yet, and I was actively doing PE. Which even then, I noticed she didn’t feel tight to me, but there was still enough friction for us to enjoy our time together.

Multiple times I have started clamping routines with cable clamps but I just find them to be a hassle and uncomfortable, which has helped cause me to not stick with a routine using them, so if anyone has suggestions on another tool I can purchase online that would work a little better, I would be very appreciative if you shared it.
I still plan on using the cable clamp until I find another tool if it indeed does exist, and I will start a routine tonight.

My girl friend recently said to me those words no man wants to hear, and I could have fell backward from the surprise it gave me to hear this, but in full innocence and seriousness she asked me if I was inside of her when I had about 90% of my fully erect penis inside of her. So, I am feeling a little extra motivated to make some modifications to my hardware. Thanks friends. :)

PS, I don’t want to cause any of the guys around my size girth to worry and think they’re too small, because my size is perfectly normal and great and pussy can feel tight at this size, it’s just not ideal in my specific situation with this one female, and it’s both of our fault to a degree for not striving to be in better shape with our bodies.

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I’ve been using anti turtling sleeves from AB Silicone and to act as a soft clamp. I think it is a little easier to put one of those on and use them as a clamp. No pinching or pain felt so far, but good expansion. It seems to constrict the blood in the penis about the same, but I do have to kegel (?) more often to maintain an erection. It is not that bad though, I don’t have to do it often like is needed with jelqing or anything. Just have to fold them about 2 or 3 times in the length of about an inch or so before putting them on near the base. It also seems to help some with jelqing as long as you don’t have a lot of blood in there, basically make yourself semi hard.

Hope this helps some.

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Wasn’t there someone here with a commercial account that was selling an inflatable clamping device?

If you gained nothing clamping with clamps it is unlikely that another device will give you gains. The problem doesn’t lie in the device IMHO.

I’ve tried cable clamps, metal hose clamps and montys air clamp and I still reckon the cable clamp’s the winner.

The trick with a cable clamp is getting the right wrap.

After trying a few things I found thera band or a strip of mouse pad are still the best option.

I spent a lot of time looking for an alternative clamp and couldn’t find anything out there.

I did not read the whole post, but an option is to just tie a shoe lace around your penis as a form of clamping.

Shoe laces are too thin and will likely case damage by “biting” into the flesh. Also, could be difficult to untie once shaft is engorged. A doubled over 1/2 inch rubber band will work, but needs to be removed after 20 minutes to avoid injury. As marinera has already stated, if a clamp isn’t working, another device will not improve your situation.

Ask your girl to start kegeling my man. Especially when your inside her, you will feel her insides squeeze on you which is amazing! And it will tighten her up as you grow.

Also it took me at least a solid month at LEAST to really figure out clamping, a good wrap is a must! Read clamping 101 if you haven’t already for lots of tips. And if clamping still isn’t working for you there are many manual excersizes for girth also.

Its very easy to cut a strip of neoprene or some other rubberized strip; if you make it an inch and a half to two inches cut about a 2” x 8” strip. If you wrap it tight at the base it will naturally constrict and the more wraps the more pressure that will be exerted. It works fabulously and you do not have to deal with stricture marks or necrosis of the physiology.

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Some shoe laces and laces that come with athletic shorts are wide (not round, but flat). Depending how tight it is on and how erect you are, your right you may have trouble peeing with it on.

I’m not sure if this is allowed but the guys name is Monty and here is his website

If its not allowed I’m sorry

Cable clamp in South Africa

I am one of those silent members who is still learning to get the most out of PE. I have seen some gains but still far from my goals. Anyway, I live in South Africa, I don’t think they stock clamps like the ones you guys have in USA. These seem to all be metal and use screws. So.. I tried everything from laces, to a neck tie, and even the metal clamps,. For now I use a neck tie. -_- . Still searching for similar clamps here. I am going to try buy a pack of cable ties.

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I’ve seen theraband on here a lot. I use an ace bandage wrap around 2 cock rings. Followed by 2 cable clamps. The ace bandage always ends up scraping and irritating the skin on either side of the coupled rings. It can get somewhat painful after 2 or 3 sets. I have always wondered if theraband was different. How soft is it ? If it rubs on your surrounding skin, does it irritate it over time ?

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Cable clamps are brilliant, I don’t know why anyone would want anything different from clamping.

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