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What do your wives or girfriends think about PE?

What do your wives or girfriends think about PE?

Mine was pretty suspicious at first, but after I began gaining, she could clearly see the difference (it seems she really loves bigger cocks), and thinks PE is a good thing to do :) .

She agrees with all the ADS wearing and weight hanging and stuff, I don’t have to hide from here like others probably do.

So what do your wives or girlfriends think about the PE you do?

My girlfriend is OK with it - as long as I’m doing it for myself, not because I think she wants a bigger dick (she claims that is a non-issue).

regards, mgus

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My wife is great. She thinks I’m nuts, because she is very happy with my size and says “I wish guys knew how little the size of their dick matters to women”, but she understands my desire to be a little bigger. She always makes sure that I get the private time to jelq if I need it. She reminds me or asks “did you jelq” when I am in that phase of my growth game and she is the one who has taken all of the recent photos that I have posted lately. As a matter of fact, she just took the andro in street wear photo that I posted just minutes ago on the “do the extenders work” thread. She just looked over my shoulder and read this post and laughed, because it’s all so true! Then she dropped her pants, pulled her panties into a g-string and walked away smiling! That’s my girl, and a story for another time.

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My girlfriend does not think I need it. However, she understands that it is for me, and that if it can help me, then it is ok.

Mine said: “as long as your doing it for yourself”, but secretly I think she can’t wait to see how big I can get! Sometimes she comes into the tent when I am doing it - not an issue with me. At first having her there made me too hard to jelq properly, but now I am used to it, it makes little difference, unless she stare between my legs, Mmmmmm.

My wife is supportive, but uninterested. She knows I do PE, but she’s really not interested in the “mechanics” of it one way or the other. But she sure seems to be enjoing the stronger erections, greater staying power and bigger size! And even though I’m 7X6 she still gives deep throat like a drunken prom date!

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The one girl I have told (my ex) was very fascinated by it and thought it was just like working out your muscles. She had no problems with it; although sometimes she’d feel like I wouldn’t pay enough attention at times to her because I was busy PEing instead of chilling with her. Although, that was just a minor problem, and it was rare.

My wife is ok with it as long as I’m doing it just for me, which I am. (same old BS your perfect just the way you are. Blah blah blah) She thinks it’s a waste of time, but on the same note, she lets me have my time alone to do it too. She’s good like that. But she also likes the extra half inch I’ve gained, and I get to hear about that quite often. So she “tries to not seem excited” What ever.

Originally Posted by Redwood1981

Mine still doesn’t know! :hide:

Mine either.

Horny Bastard

Same here, my girl don’t know. And I can’t picture myself telling her. As long as I’m growing and feel more and more comfortable and confident around her ( and my other chicks ) I see no reason spilling the beans.

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No reason to tell. My joke was, you might educate your wife or GF on the process. And then she goes

and educates her OM (Other man). No reason, let people figure this out on their own.


Actually I don’t make that much effort to hide it though.

Besides I’m sure my wife is convinced all guys play with their dicks from time to time,

I don’t think she’s that interested in the WHY of it.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

I believe in full disclosure with any woman I’m involved with. My wife knows and supports my goals, but sometimes frowns about how it’s sometimes already too big for her.

I tell her I’m doing it for myself, sort of how a friend of ours is getting a boob job for herself. (Incidentally, this friend is quite the size queen. In my opinion, she epitomizes what all women think, but aren’t honest enough to say out loud. I wouldn’t want to fuck here, but she does serve as an inspiration.)

My ex-wife had kind of a cool philosophy about it. She saw it more of a way to enhance penile fitness. She really really liked how my girth felt, hungered for (and got) more.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Originally Posted by marky777
Sometimes she comes into the tent when I am doing it - not an issue with me.

You PE in a tent?

I’m curious, do you have a PE tent in your house/backyard? Are you a “bubble boy”? Are you constantly camping? Or do you live in the desert?

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