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What's more important, stretching or jelqing? (only have time for one exercise tonig

What's more important, stretching or jelqing? (only have time for one exercise tonig

I only do two main exercises (hey I’ll stick with whatever I gain with ;) ) besides kegels and tonight I have a splitting headache, and I have to go to bed soon. I just got home from work and I am at a crossroad of a decision.

Do I stretch tonight?


Do I jelq?

I am going to go with stretching because I try to stretch 30 minutes every day while jelqing for 5 days a week, or recently two days of jelqing, one day of rest, two of jelqing, one of rest… etc.

So if you had the time for only one exercise, what would ensure you got a great workout session?

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I think from reading a lot of posts the answer is…it depends. Some guys get better results from one exercise some from another. Also depends on what you’re trying to emphasize.

Stretching (typically) gets you length while jelqing gets you girth. (again typically). But somehow people will gain in either direction using the other exercise.

For me right now I’d go stretching if I had to choose just one, untill I met my length goal then I’d go for a girth exercise.

Many have stated that it is easier to gain girth after length than the other way around due to tunica thickening. I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what I’ve read.

Honestly, try supersetting…50 dry jelqs (25 with each hand), then maybe 2-4 minutes of vigorous stretching….repeat (for as much time as you have).

Stretching obviously adds length. But not only does jelqing work girth, but it helps restore circulation (especially after gripping the weinie during intense stretching).

Do both! :)

Wt282, just how much time can you afford to a session, really? Just asking!

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