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Who can make penis pump for sell to nigeria market

Who can make penis pump for sell to nigeria market

My name is ade, almost all these device for PE are not in nigeria and I have been introducing PE to so many people here.

If some one can be making penis pump or stretcher, most importantly clamping, I’ll be happy to be marketing it here in nigeria for my fellow PE’er.


The most important device for clamping is a cableclamp. It is something you can order online and they are very cheep. Even cheeper if you are ordering in bulk. The place that makes them does not ship to Nigeria so finding a bulk reseller would be that hard part.

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Thank you, I think we will try and work something out. I saw a penis pump in one big store here in nigeria is d most expensive thing have ever price in my life is strange how only rich people can get anything in this country.

So thank you very much I think is better to let the rich people use PE device and me and my guy’s will continue with manual PE

Most guys that do PE don’t use devices at all, only their hands. Rich people tend to think of $$$ as a solution for everything. So it makes sense that rich people think they need to buy something to do PE.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for the site,I’ve seen alot of homemade stretcher device on these site and I think that will do it for me. I also follow insintex stayer method of penis ring although I’m still tryin to perfect it.I’ve been wearing it for 2 hours now.

Thank you very much.

Just remember; never clamp or do any kind of PE in your sleep!

Hopefully that sounds silly to you but some guys do it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I appreciate your kind advice

I can’t PE in sleep, but I do alot of fowfer now due to lack of privacy. And I’ll do a very less clamping now.

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