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Who's Been Making Progress?


That’s nice to read, xenolith.

I am pretty much in the same situation right now:
Have been doing it since october.
First ~inch came in the first 2.5-3 months..
Right now, after another 2-2.5 months, I am sitting at approx. +1.2, so the gains
Have significantly slowed down.. I will be satisfied with +2”,
Which will put me at 8.5”. That’s more than enough!

I just hope that it goes the same way as it did for you and just doesn’t completely stop.

Originally Posted by dancewith
Over the last year and a half I’ve managed to add on a solid inch, from 5 3/4” to 6” BPEL to 6 7/8” to 7 1/8” BPEL; my fat pad is a little less than a half inch. I did this wearing the ESL40 8-12 hours a day 5-7 days a week for about 16 of the 18 months and doing about 5 mins of manual stretching 3-5 days a week. I have been working outside the home the whole time I’ve been PEing so the ESL40 has seemed like my only real option for an ADS, but since I’m spending lots of time alone in my home office now, I just took advantage of a good cyber week special and bought an XL4 extender.

I feel like the ESL40 just can’t put on very much tension with causing problems with blisters on the glans, and even now it causes discoloration (hickies) sometimes.

My question to the forum is, has anyone been able to switch to a new extender method and add on top of already impressive gains? I love the fact that I’ve hit 7 inches, and my wife routinely winces from my length already in various positions, and I can always slip past her cervix into both fornixes which feels amazing, but I want to go for 8” BPEL now. Am I just pipe dreaming?

I’m well into my thirties so none of this is growth is attributable to just growing into an adult or anything, it’s definitely the result of PE, and I am still slowly gaining with the ESL so I don’t plan to stop with that either, just adding an hour or two in the new extender. Am I wasting time? Has anyone genuinely added 2” over years?

Please what type of girth exercise did you do that sky rocket your penis girth from 4.3 - 6.25.

Originally Posted by Aniwhyte



Please what type of girth exercise did you do that sky rocket your penis girth from 4.3 - 6.25.

+1 Please share your experiences of girth exercise with us

A month ago, I decided that I would stop doing any form of PE that required anything other than my hands. I’ve been doing nothing but jelqing. My EG decreased .10, but my EQ has improved. I’m having a hard time understanding that one.


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