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Wrong location of dorsal nerve

Wrong location of dorsal nerve

I wonder why everywhere here you can read that the dorsal nerve runs in the central part of the penis, lot of people say there is also a nerve bundle under the glans. I wonder why is this? If you look at dorsal nerve anatomy pictures you can see not one but two paralell nerves running at the top sides, not top center of the penis and I can not locate that nerve bundle anywhere.

Please if you have anatomy pictures which can explain this would be nice, thank you.

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The nerves indeed run parallel on the dorsal side of the penis just distal to the primary penile vasculature, but there are nerve endings all throughout the penis so you can feel sensation anywhere on the penis.

Here are a couple of diagrams that I hope help:

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The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thank you very much guys.

Currently: BPEL=6.4" NBPEL=5.6" MSEG=4.8"

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