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Adjusting the tension of a Jes extender

Adjusting the tension of a Jes extender

Hello one and all. :)

I have recently started using a Jes extender again after a long break, and I’m hoping that some of the members here might be able to help me with a question that I have.

The Jes extender comes with three tension markers on the bars - one at 900g, one at 1200g and one at 1500g. At the start of a session I set the tension to between the first and second markers (I.e. Between 900 - 1200g). However, when I check the device after ten minutes or so, I usually find that it has now slipped outside the area of the markers slightly, to below 900g. If I check again after half an hour, it will often have slipped even further.

My question is this - should I adjust the tension throughout the session to keep it between the markers, or do I just set it at the start of the session and then leave it? My sessions usually last an hour, then I take it off to get the circulation moving again and apply some heat.

Many thanks to you all for your help!

I adjust the tension during.

Start Jan 2021 BPEL 14.5cm 5.7" MSEG 11.5cm 4.5" | Last Measure May 2021 BPEL 16.4cm 6.5" MSEG 12.5cm 5.0"

Next Goal Jan 2022 BPEL 17cm 6.8" MSEG 13cm 5.2" | Ultimate Goal 202? BPEL 20cm 8" MSEG 15.0cm 6"

That’s what I do to. As long as you’re not overdoing it, there’s probably no harm in adding an extra bit of tension during a session.

Adjusting the tension to a level you want it to be when your penis has soften and become more flexible, is the thing to do. When the adjusting screws are too far out ( they start to unscrew themselves on their threads), and you are not able to get the desired tension without unscrewing the screws, you will have to put in some new rods to extend the extender, and start with the adjustment screws at starting point. For a Jes extender, they usually sell 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 2 inch rod parts, however, there is some vendors that sell 1/4 inch parts online, that may/may not fit or have the same threads.

Many thanks, Norwegian Wood - I’ll bear all that in mind.

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