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Change of Seasons and Temperature Effects on BPFSL

Change of Seasons and Temperature Effects on BPFSL

So the weather is cracking up where I am the last couple of weeks and at the same time my both my pre and post BPFSL measurements have started to fluctuate wildly. I looked back of the the weather the last month or so and found there was a fairly strong correlation between the weather and my measurements. For example there was a pretty consistently warm week where all my measurements were all relatively high and within 2mm. Then the last week the weather has been all over the place and so have my measurements, swinging around over a 7mm range over the week. Unit is less stretchy when it’s cold as opposed to when it’s warm and balmy.

Has anyone noticed this? I’m guessing once the weather goes from “four seasons in one day” to “full time miserable” the fluctuations will settle down, although maybe a few mm shorter on average. I’m not too concerned about a perceived loss of length here, it’s more that I’m relying on these measurements to determine when to add weight etc and it’s making it difficult with it all so over the place.

Also related to this is what is the ideal temperature for the cool down at the end of the set? If we’re looking for about 42 degrees internal temp for the heated sections, what should the room temp be for cool down? 22? 18? (this has been the inside temp range recently) Is there a point where it’s too cold or starts to have a negative impact?

I think room temp for cool down is not that sensitive to a few degrees. There is a point where too cold becomes a negative.

Here’s Longerstretch’s section on cooldown (post #10):

“You’ve now applied you’re therapeutic heat WHILE BEING UNDER A TENSILE LOAD. You’ve pushed further up the stress-strain curve and have signaled to some cells it’s time to proliferate. But hold on while those fibers have just begun to orient along the axial plane you’ve put stress and thr heat has “thinned” the viscous nature of connective tissue in the penis it’s time to cool it, naturally. The ECM will gradually become more viscous. As mentioned in Part A on heat, ice baths or additional cooling methods are unnecessary and counterproductive. Within 10 minutes the penis will be back to body temperature or even below. of the cooldown discussion was that all you need is room temperature for the step. Icing cools too quickly and can have a negative impact.”

The Long Game: Learning with Longerstretch, Key Principles to Make Sustained Growth

Initial: 7” BPEL; 6” NBPEL; 5.25” - 5.5” MEG

Current: 7.75” BPEL; 7.25” NBPEL; 8.5” BPFSL; 6.5” MEG; 6”x5” Flaccid.

Goal: Improved/consistent EQ while managing ED. Secondary: maintain current stats.

Yeah thanks for that. I knew I’d seen something about active cooling being unnecessary and/or counterproductive.

It’s going to be consistently cooler the next week. I’ll see if my theory holds up. In a few weeks it’ll probably be cold enough to just run the heater every night which will give a consistent room temperature anyway. I think it’s just because it’s in that weird transition phase where it’s not hot enough for aircon, not cold enough for the heater, but still enough of a temp range to fuck with my measurements haha

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