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Reaching Fatigue

Reaching Fatigue

Hi all,

I know it is critical to reach fatigue when hanging to achieve results. My question is: what are some of the indications that you have reached fatigue? What should it feel like? I’m currently hanging for 20 minutes sessions at 8-10 pounds, but not sure if I’m feeling the proper fatigue at the end of the session.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

With the new methodologies floating around here your probably not going to have many guys telling you to reach fatigue anymore. Light weights with heat for longer sessions seems to be the way check out 5.5 hanging with fire thread

Thanks for the advice. I currently hang at 8 lbs in a garage in Texas heat, so that’s what I have going for me. I am interested in adding more weight, though. I haven’t checked out the new methodologies yet. I will. Thanks again.

Ambient heat isn’t going to be enough to raise the internal temp of the tissues you are targeting.

I have had excellent result with hanging with very light weights using just a ricesock (while I wait for my FIR heating pad to arrive), BUT, that is after a very long de-con break (Im talking years) and Im “regaining” lost size from previous PE

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