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Staying relaxed while hanging

Staying relaxed while hanging


Bigger recently brought up a very important issue that has been mentioned in the past however perhaps overlooked by many. When hanging try and stay as relaxed as possible and “let the weight do the work”. I know personally sometimes this is no easy task, considering you may be hanging 10 pounds or more off you prized possession. My natural tendency is to tense up just prior to releasing the weight and during the set. However I would encourage you to make every effort to relax your entire body and in particular the area your working.

I’m not one to do meditation however if you have the mental makeup to do so this would surely appear to help here. Recently I have been working on staying relaxed and feeling the stretch rather than sometimes gripping my way through a set. For me this has meant I needed to lower the weight some in order to get more comfortable during my hang time. This way I’m not “fighting” the weight but rather going with the flow so to speak.

As Bigger said the weight shouldn’t be something that you are focused on but rather the task at hand such as some computer work or TV or whatever. If the weight is the focus and you find yourself tensing up while hanging because the weight might be to heavy, try dropping down a few pounds and focusing on staying relaxed.

Feedback here would be appreciated.


Good post!!

Hey Ledzep,

I think you hit the nail right on the head. There is a lot to be said about the mental part of PE. I’m not into meditation or any thing like that but I do try to tailor my hanging sessions so that I can totally relax.

Try this, when your hanging. Close your eyes breathe long deep breaths. Relax your whole body especially in your groin and pelvic region, almost to the point you would let your bladder go. What you’ll find is that on the exhale of each breath you can feel your penis stretch a little.

I started doing this about a month ago, hopefully it will give me more and faster gains.

Goodwood :chuckle:

Hey Guys,

This is a good thread. I am trying to get an idea of where you guys are from a weight perspective. How much are you hanging and how much do you reduce in subsequent sets after the ligs are sore. I am maxing at 17.5 lbs., then dropping to 15 then 12.5. I have only been hanging about 6 weeks, but prior to that I stretched like a maniac and my ligs were already loosened up. I am comfortable at these weights until the end of the set. I think that the discomfort right at the end means that I have selected a good weight for my set. I was just curious and wanted to hear from some more experienced hangers.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good & Led

A question about relaxing and hanging.

I started hanging May 1 - with 2, 3 than 5, 7 now 10 lbs). I stand when I hang, I’m not one who can sit very long - anywhere.

To keep circulation going, I do kegels about half the time I’m hanging, which of course is NOT relaxing. Might you feel this is not good?


zep and GD,

Great thread zep.


Really good point. I also kegaled while I hung. I always tried to get to the point that I could kegal while hanging without even thinking about it. Had some success, but not as much as I wished.

However, kegaling while hanging does not preclude relaxing everything else. It also is good training to totally relax the PC muscle in between kegals. So that when you stop kegaling during a hanging set, you are actually more relaxed than before.

Of course, everyone is different, but I could never completely relax while standing and trying to hang. Maybe that is just me. There must be some things you can do while hanging and either sitting or laying down. Try different stuff to see how it works.




Just thot of something that really could effect the hanging as I was reading your reply (will continue to kegal and relax after the kegals - thanks) Starting this past Monday, while hanging, I began lifting barbells, doing sets from my waist up towards the ceiling and back down to my sides. I guess this surely isn’t relaxing but never put the 2 together. I guess I was trying to “multi-task.” Damn, Led, thanks for starting this thread. Thot I could tone up my pecs and pecker at the same time.



Meditation and visualization techniques have long been accepted as effect methods of training from both a physical and mental standpoint. To reach a totally relaxed state while hanging and then create a mental image of my dick hanging to the carpet would probably be of benefit to making my dick bigger in real life. The question is do I have the patience to do this?


Regardless of the weight you are using, what would you say your level of relaxation on a scale of 1-10 (1 being least and 10 most) is while hanging ? OK now the next time you hang, first check to see if your orginal answer is still acceptable and next try and take it the the next level. What do you think? What did you do to get more relaxed ?


I concur with Bigger here the kegel itself would require tensing the muscles however the physical state after the kegel would be more relaxed than orginally. I have never hung standing, however my sense is it’s less relaxing than sitting or standing.

Anyone else have any thoughts here?


Well, Led, guess I’m gonna have to rethink my way of hanging. I stand because I can’t sit for very long. In fact, I don’t sit from the time I get home until we have dinner. While I’m not techinaclly hypertensive, my metabolism is always in high gear. Everyone gets pissed off at me with my eating habits. I’m 57, can out eat a linebacker (we have dinner at 10:00 each nite and I eat between 3 - 4 plates of food). And, no I’m not overweight. The only exercise I do is walk my to 2 golden retrievers twice a day.

As I just mentioned in a post to Bigger this afternoon, I’ve started lifting some lite weights while hanging. Considering this relaxation thread I’ve been looking at this afternoon, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea - hope I get some feedback. Would really like to combine the two but if it’s gonna interfere with the hanging process, I’ll go to plan B.

Don’t know if y’all have looked at it but there’s some great conversation between Bigger and RevHanger in the Hanging Session, I believe titled “Question for Bigger” ( or maybe Bib). I printed it out and put it in my “Hanging” hanging file.


Uh oh

GD, I’ll tell ya now weightlifting and hanging are not complementary. In fact, they are almost complete opposites, and your hanging will suffer as will your ability to lift. Neither is being optimized.

In weightlifting, you are talking about revving the body up for heightened stress. The muscles grow because they are basically pounded a little beyond normal usage. That’s the ideal way to grow muscle. Each rep is a stress - stress, stress, stress!

In hanging you want the opposite. You want your body fully relaxed so that the ligaments are as stress-free as possible. Think ‘slow and easy’. Think about that weight just coaxing the lig outward. That’s what you are shooting for. Stress only causes the muscles in the abs to tighten and put tension on those ligs with a weight attached to the willy.

It is vital that you find a way to relax. I don’t know if it’s dietary, psychological, or what in your case, but that is the state you’ll need to achieve if you want any big growth.

I now lay down and do BTC work. I am so relaxed and comfortable with the stress that after awhile I get to the point of my mind looping out in crazy thoughts; you know, the way it starts to check out right before you go to sleep:

“hey cat, how long have you been walking up the walls? I also see you are hanging out with my second grade teacher. Say Hi for me” - you know, that weird stuff. This means I am getting close to upping the ante on my weight.

I use a timer and haven’t fallen asleep yet (and hope I don’t). But that is a statement on how I feel when I hang. It’s taken me time to work up to that. When I first start a set (say my first of a session) it doesn’t feel great. I start seated and breathe deep and just try to slowly accept the weight and the discomfort, knowing it’s temporary. In a matter of a few moments the feeling in my penis changes and it becomes more comfortable. Then I go BTC.

I hope this helps. Hanging effectively requires a ZONE.


Hi Buster.

Well, shit, just when I thot I was gonna tone up my pecs and pecker at the same time. Makes good sense, tho, so I’ll cut out the liftng (needed an excuse). Guess I’m going to have to find a way to relax more. Actually tried it last nite. I find when I sit, it puts a lot more stress on my penis (almost like btc) than when standing - Which is partly why I stand - it’s just more comfortable. I was reading a post from Bigger yesterday where he was telling a guy that if he was watching the clock, that wasn’t good. I do - I don’t fing hanging very comfortable, but I’ve tried to increase my weight gradually and not rush things. I also do a lot of experimenting with my Bob Starter as Bigger once mentioned to me. Since I’d worked myself up from 2 lbs to 10 lbs over the past 6 weeks, I’ll have to go back down in weight if a sit. But I’ll do whatever I have to to make gains.

I PE in my bathroom since I’m a closet PEer. I’d been researching PEing for quite a long time - my wife doesn’t get home until about 9:00 p.m. and my son was off at college. Knew I could devote at least 2 hours a nite. The frigging week I decide to start PEing, my son decides to take a year off and moves back to Atlanta with us, so he’s home when I get home. He knows I’m exercising when I’m in the bathroom, he just doesn’t know WHAT I’m exercising. I can only do btc when I’m out of town or everyone’s left the house for a while.

Thanks for the information, Buster, and have a good weekend, Glenn

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