Coogi clamping pumping hanging log

Whats up, I’m going to share my progress and experience here. I’ve done PE for about 5 years, but it was up and down, I didnt really realize what my body responds best to until now, either way I gained 0.9 inches in length , and I’m more motivated and knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff than I’ve ever been.

Starting stats 2013
6.38 BPEL
4.75 Mseg

Stats before starting new routine 26/10/2018
4 75 mseg
1.5 width

Stats now 18/12/2018
7.28 BPEL
4 92 mseg

8.2 BPEL
6.2 mseg

I’ve tried literally almost everything except injections, sg (400 hours, hated it) , penomet , dmso paba, vacutech pump , lg hanger , ADS hangers/cockrings, clamping.

What I’ve realised is that I respond better to shorter sessions, and long sessions cause toughening and turtling for me. I used to hang 3 hours a day and it was a chore. I stuck to it cause I wanted to be bigger and it worked. But I’ve recently hung 25 to 40 mins 5 days a week with a pump at the end staying at 2.5kg for 3 or 4 week then going to 3kg, I saw way quicker gains with way less effort. 0.28 inches in like 2 or 3 weeks. Even when I was going towards 40 mins sets I realised thatwas too long and I’m going stay at a max of 35 mins PE per sessions.

For hanging I did 15 mins bundled hanging , then 5 mins SD swinging, then 5 mins SO/ v stretch with a bungee cord. And then air pumping and edging in tube for 5-10 mins afterwards, and a silicone cockring for 24 hrs after, tryin to cum twice or max 3 times a week.

For the last month I’ve focused on girth, I want a thicker cock to stretch that pussy out. I gained no girth before this last month I’ve read red zulus guide and tips. I warm up with a hot water bottle and clamp 2 or 3 sets 10 mins doing either horse squuezes clamped jelqing, ATS rollers or edging. And air pumping before and/or after the set. I keep the length in the pump and clamp no longer than 35 mins and focus on intensity and quality and wear a silicone cock ring afterwards for 24 hrs. Doing this has 3 random days a week when I feel like it has got me 0.2 inches girth in under a month. Heres last week

5 mins pump edge
10 mins clamp with horse squeezes
10 mins clamp edge
10 mins pump edge

5 mins pump edge
10 mins clamp ATS rollers
10 mins clamp edge
10 mins pump

5 mins pump edge
10 mins clamp jelq edge
10 mins clamp jelq edge
10 mins clamp jelq edge
Few mins in pump