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How’s it hanging, fellas? Long time lurker/PEer just now joining in the conversation. I’ve gained a lot of info from this site over the past few years, so thank you all for the helpful content.

I’ve been at it for about 6 years on-and-off. Started at 6.75x4.875” and quickly got to 7x5 with just basic heat, manual stretching, and jelqs. Everything was going well, so I threw in some manual clamping and ulis, and within a year I was up to 7.25x5.5. Either the clamping or Ulis was messing with my head engorgement, and making my sensation of having to pee go a little wonky, so I stopped for a while out of fear I was causing damage. I lost a bit of my gains during the time off, but quickly gained it back when I started back up with the basics. I’ve tried a lot of different techniques, and it seems like every time I tried something it added a little burst of growth. So in April, I started pumping again (did bathmate for a while, but got rid of it when the gf moved in). Was 7.875x5.75 when I started, and I haven’t taken measurements other than using the gauge on the cylinder since, but I have hit 8” under vac (max was 7.625 when I started). Worked up very slowly from the bare minimum, just to be as safe as possible.

Current routine is pretty simple:
100 jelqs
Work up a full erection
Pump for 5 minutes
25 jelqs
Pump for 5 minutes
25 jelqs
Edge for a few minutes
Put on my Primal cockring and go to work.
I also repeat when I get home.

My pumping sets are the only somewhat complicated part:
Pump to -7”Hg and hang out there for a minute, then pump to -12” over five seconds, hold for 5 seconds, drop back to -7” for 5 seconds, and repeat that cycle 4 more times. Then I increase the length of the hold at -7”Hg to 50 seconds, and repeat 3 more times. I sometimes get a few petechiae, but they clear up quick, and I get 0 edema. I can edge with a 100% erection immediately, and my morning wood has been excellent.

I’ll post with (hopefully improved) new measurements when I get a chance to measure pre-routine.

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Thought of some details about my pump setup that might be worth mentioning:

I use a 2” tube that I can barely start packing right around the circ scar (baseball bat), and I wasn’t getting much length pull (less than 7.5”). I came up with the idea of custom fitting the tube by cutting an 1/8” silicone sheet to fit half the diameter because it’s impossible to find a 1 7/8” tube and I’m too big for 1 3/4”. First session with it was one week ago and I got to 7 7/8” (max BPEL). Next day was the same. After two days of rest on the weekend, Monday morning was a bit short of that mark, but my afternoon session got me to 8”. Tuesday was the same, but I was starting to pack too tight with that piece of silicone, so I cut another one to 2.25” wide, and still got to 8 with a more comfortable fit. The surprise was this morning, when I got to 8” with the smaller.. I guess I’ll call it a shim? Which is unusual because it has always pulled a little shorter in the a.m. I doubt I’ll get a pm session in until Monday, though.

Seems like a win for targeting length and girth at the same time, especially with a ballbat profile because the gap at the edge of the shim let’s air through. As I continue to grow, I’ll just cut a smaller shim that makes more girth room but still allows me to pull to max length.

I also ordered a quick-release valve and installed it right above the quick-disconnect on the tube for easier pressure drops. Fiddling with the screw valve on the pump wasn’t a good time.

Oh, and I also pull the tube toward my chest during the long intervals at lower pressure. My dong points straight out, even laying on my back with a full erection. I have no idea if it will help, but it kinda makes a little sense and it’s not much of a bother

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This morning’s session will be the last until Monday, so I did a little extra. 10 short cycles for each set instead of 5. A little bit of petechia, and a small amount of edema this time, so that’s pushing the limit, but the edema was gone by the time I was done edging. Got to the bottom of the 8” mark. From now on, 7 short cycles and 3 long cycles is max.

I haven’t been able to get a measurement, but sex last night was a great indicator of progress. EQ was 10/10, and she was having trouble taking me deep during the foreplay blowjob. Looked visibly thicker in her mouth. She had to have noticed that one, because she can normally use a bit of extra force and get it all the way down. I could see the WTF look when that failed.

I was also digging extra deep, and I KNOW she noticed that because when I pushed in bone-pressed her eyes got big and her head reared back. She also felt a lot tighter than usual, so good things are happening.

I found some 1/16” lexan for cheap, so I’m gonna rework my shim setup. The 1/8” silicone leaves a small line of edema down each side of my dick, and I want to eliminate that, but thinning down the edges is almost impossible. Lexan is sandable and shapeable, so I should have more options along the edges. I might need to heat form a channel down each side of the CS to allow the vac pressure down into my thin area, but that should be no problem with a piece of 2” ID PVC, some wire, and an oven.

Forgot to note: even after having fun time last night, morning wood was way above normal. I’m keeping close tabs on it because I know my pumping pressure is well above what’s recommended and penis health is paramount. I have had some mild neutral PIs, but they go away within a couple hours and it’s been nothing but positive from there.

I still have a couple of red spots from the session Friday, which reinforces the fact that it was a little over the limit, so I won’t be taking it that far again

After two and a half days “rest” (I’m always stretching here and there, but only just past the elastic zone), I got to 7 15/16” or thereabouts with my usual -12”Hg vacuum level. That’s the biggest Monday A.M. Measurement I’ve ever had. If I hadn’t had some skin hanging up on the silicone on the bottom, which I can tell because the head turns downward, I probably would have gotten to a full 8”. Even with lube, the silicone is a bit too tacky, but my lexan should be here tomorrow. My amount of packing didn’t change, so that’s a big plus after doing 0 girth work since Friday morning.

I’ve been considering breaking out the ultrasound unit again, but I want to keep going with my simplified program for a while to get the results I need to prove or disprove my theory on using shims to custom fit the vacuum cylinder for balanced length and girth gains. It’ll also give me a good baseline for comparing results with and without US assisted stretching

Just barely hit the bottom edge of 8” LIT again this afternoon with no manual stretching beforehand. I have a good baseline established. In the morning, I’ll prestretch just a bit and see if it makes a difference.

Stretched this morning before pumping and came up 1/16” shorter under vacuum. My stretching was interrupted by a bathroom break, though, and I wasn’t in a mood to think good thoughts. I’ll keep the stretches in there for the rest of the week and see.

My flaccid hang has been impressive for the last 24hrs. Morning wood wasn’t great, but I didn’t sleep well, so that’s expected

Start: Oct '16 - 6.75" BPEL, 4.875" MSEG

Current: Sept 17, '22 - 8" BPEL, 5.8125" MSEG

GOAL: 8" BPEL (achieved!) X 6" MSEG

PM session:
5 minutes of tunica tugs
100 jelqs
5 minutes pump
25 jelqs
5 minutes pump
25 jelqs
An extra 5 minutes of pumping

I thought the stretching shortened me up in the tube again, but after taking a closer look I realized that I’m packing more than optimal again. Did a third pump set and finally got back to 8” with a ton of lube, but I ended up with a small amount of edema for some reason. I can usually do four sets just fine.

Got my lexan sheet in, so now I just have to cut, heat form, and sand the shims. Figured out that I only need 3; a 6.5”, a 4.25”, and a 2.25”. When I go to the 2.25” cylinder, the 6.5 will bring it down to about the same inside circumference as a 2.125”, and then I can stack the 4.25 under it to reduce it more. I’m hoping for a lot less friction than the silicone so I won’t have so much resistance to length pull and can get away with using the same shim for longer.

5 minutes of pump handle stretch
100 jelqs
5 minutes pump
25 jelqs
5 minutes pump
25 jelqs
5 minutes pump
25 jelqs
Didn’t have time to edge

Light edema, but not as bad as yesterday. I think I passed the 8” mark this morning, but I need to check the metric side ruler on the cylinder. Three sets might be my sweet spot after all. I usually come up shorter in the morning, but three sets yesterday followed by three this morning might have yielded me a PR. I hate the edema, but its not much and goes away within an hour or two.

I cut my prototype lexan shim to 2.25”. I’m calling it a “prototype” because I screwed up and cut it a bit short, but its still usable (which is the primary difference between a prototype and a piece of plastic cut to a size that conveniently fits into a garbage can, if you ask me). Sanded the edges to a taper, sanded down all the sharp edges, and now I just need to heat form it and polish out where I sanded.

PM: Same as AM.

After checking the cylinder markings against a known accurate carpenter’s rule, 19.5cm is exactly 8” with my current setup. This morning’s session got me to 19.6, and the PM session got me between 19.7 and 19.8. Even less edema than this morning. Pretty stoked about the results of 3 sets per session. 30 minutes total vac time per day.

5 minutes of crank stretches
100 jelqs
3x 5 min pump followed by 25 jelqs
10 minutes “massage” - never got close to PONR

Really feeling the fatigue this morning. After only 3 consecutive sessions with an extra set, plus sex last night, I could really feel the strain right from the first pump set. On the second set, it was looking like more progress (I didn’t have my contacts in or glasses on, but I could squint and see that I was easily well above 19.5). On the third set curiosity got the best of me, so I grabbed my phone and used the camera to see clearly. 19.9cm on the scale, which works out to 8 5/32, but I’m calling it 8 1/8”. And that’s with a 90%+ pack along the shaft. Couldn’t resist taking a pic, which I’ve never done before. Interesting thought/emotion process.

That’s an eighth of LIT gain in two days. Too fast. I think that’s injury territory. So I have some options: I can do one short and one long session every day, or I could do long sessions on Monday and Tuesday, and then cruise through the rest of the week with short sessions. I could also start using LIT as my guide as opposed to vac pressure for the pulses on Wed-Fri. If I could regulate this to a 1mm/week increase, I think it would be a lot safer. Those quick, amazing gains are tempting, but I’d rather take it slow. An inch in a year would be great. An inch in six months would be phenomenal. An inch in a month sounds like impending disaster.

Thinking on this for a while, I think a combination of ideas is the most sensible:

- Do the longer sessions on Mon and Tues with the same pressures I’m using now. See what the LIT increase gets me.
- Wed, Thu, Fri do the shorter sessions, and also use LIT as my guide for the pulses.
- Sat and Sun are rest days.

So hypothetically, next Mon and Tue net me 2mm for a LIT of 20.1cm. Take half of that gain and I’m at 20cm. For the rest of the week, I only pump up to 20cm max, which should theoretically reduce the pressure as the week goes on. Then, after two days of rest, I’m ready to blast it again.

It makes more sense than doing one long and one short session every day because it gives me a longer period of reduced intensity to recover, and also more consistent high-intensity periods.

PM session same as AM

Didn’t go so well, though. I’m getting too much skin sticking to the silicone. I even used extra lube, but it seems like it just squishes out and lets the skin hang up. Need to get that lexan shim finished up, but my sessions are eating up all my private time. The extra slickness plus the extra room in the tube should give a better pull.

I ran into the same problem with silicone lube and pumping.

Plain old glycerine from the drug store works well as a lube, doesn’t dry out, doesn’t stain clothing or bedding, and it’s water-soluble and washes off easily. And it’s way cheaper than any of the “personal lubricants.”

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