My Semi Hands Free PE Routine and Status

Hi You all,

I’ll keep things brief. Seasoned PE-er coming back into the training grounds with a plan from lessons learned. This is an OBJECTIVE view of PE for those getting started or looking for a more hands-free program.

My biggest concern with PE is finding a way to do it as “hands-free” as possible. I’m not big on touching myself (that’s my perspective and I am aware not everyone agrees) and so with Jelqing and PE, there was presented an area of opportunity.

So, my solution involves the following (a for a steep price of roughly $677 this includes shipping and tax):

Phallason Forte and Forte Plus
Power J Gym
Homemade Penis Pump: Braker Bleeder Vacuum Kit Pump, LeLuv 2.125 in x 12 in cylinder)
Large 24 or 18x12 Heating pad
Silicone Hose with male and female couplers
Tea Tree oil with Vitamin E for skin treatment after Power J, Stretching, and Pumping sessions
Ruler and rope tape measurer

My PE routine starts in the evening and has a lot of Heating elements to it:
1.Power J wet jelq for 20 minutes while in the shower (this is how I prepare for the next day).heating component
2. Then, I put on the Forte Plus, which is suitable for wearing while sleeping (5-6 hour wear time for a good stretch while sleeping)
3. Then, in the morning right after waking up and using the bathroom (urine building up in the bladder during sleep) I put the Tea Tree Oil treatment and do a 20-30 minute heated pumping session at 5 Hg with cylinder wrapped in Heating pad.
4. Optional to wear the Phallason Forte during the day for extra stretching time (I’ll wait 2 weeks before introducing this extra stretch, don’t want to overdo it, I only have one penis).

Average time spent doing PE, roughly 450 minutes on days of training (this is without the optional step 4

This is my “Training” schedule:
Sunday PE, Leg & Arms, Cardio
Monday PE, Back & Chest
Tuesday Arms & Legs complete REST from PE
Wednesday PE, Abs, Cardio
Thursday PE, Legs & Back, Cardio
Friday- Chest & Arms, Cardio, Complete REST from PE
Saturday Complete Rest, start back PE in the Evening

So far, the only “handling” points are applying the oil treatment and putting on the Forte, which is very minimal. And I am able to have most of my day without losing time for physically doing my PE sessions since they happen at the end of my day or right at before the start. With me working a total of 16-20 hours 6 days a week, I’ve learned that PE, though it works overtime, TAKES A LOT OF TIME and discipline to see results (just like going to the gym for other body parts). As an entrepreneur and still active member of Corporate America, Time is a very precious commodity to me.

The real question though.. Is this all worth $677 just for a few inches more of dick? Yes, I am aware that I spent the money (granted, this is a business write-off for me), but the question is still valid, and it still stands.

I sometimes ask myself if I am really trying to fix something else in my life via this process. I’m not sexually active, definitely not trying to impress anyone or myself (don’t have time for that). But, with everything that I do, I ask the same question, Why are you doing this? This may be a product review of sorts, but Why did I have to be the one to do it and why not just pay someone else to do it? Well, I know that answer, lol not everyone is reliable to do it and track their progress correctly, LOL. But still..

It’s been a couple of years since I last did PE. Some of the gains gained have gone (not all though). So, I am very content with my overall body right now. Already, my penis is showing signs of “muscle memory” and not resisting the stretching sessions and elongating like before.

This time around, I have a real program, routine, and tracking system, and have found a hands-free way that works for me and my schedule. Adequate rest is so CRUCIAL with PE, but also, focused training too.

Happy PE-ing everyone. Be safe, Be smart, and don’t be afraid to ask senior people in these forums for help, guidance, and tips. That’s how I learned a lot.

Do not have anything to do with godless myths and fables of old women. Instead, train yourself to be godly. Physical exercise is of limited value, but Godliness is very dear, a pledge of life, both there and here. This is a trustworthy saying that deserves complete acceptance.

1Tim 4:7-9