On the way to starting a routine: Any help appreciated

Hi there! I’d love to start a routine of taking care and training for my "friend".

My dimensions are:


Flaccid 10cm
Erect 14.5cm

Flaccid 10cm
Erect 11cm

Penis shape (Erect):
- c shaped
- angled left 30°
- angled up 60°

The objectives in order of importance:
- Resolve the angle to the left by bringing it to 0° or close to, to have the penis erect straight, and maintain the angle upwards.
- Increase girth thickness
- Increase Length
- Improve appearance (smoother and younger penis skin, smoother and younger glans, less wrinkled and smoother balls)

Here some pictures
Glande wrinkles? How to fix and make surface smooth?
Penis tilt (semi-erected)
Balls wrinkles and dryness?
Small fatty points. How to fix?