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Desperately Seeking Advice; Soft Glans, Venous Leak or Something Else?


This might be some tough love for you. From what I’m reading, it’s like your anxiety is doing the typing.
If you can get an erection where your glans is even harder than before (to answer your question: probably from healing and the amount of time you have not touched yourself), there should not be anything wrong with your member. If you believe what firegoat said to be true, let’s do some math then. If your glans is deflated because you are healing from the tears you had, then rest is really the thing that works. And it did because after 24 hours not touching you had the hardest in a while. Then the next thing you overdone it by a 2 hour session which probably has set back the healing again. So I’m happy you are on the right track committing to a week of no touching. Imagine 2 weeks no touching. We know now that your glans is not broken.

Let’s try to reduce your anxiety a bit more. In fact, I think that you are starting to like your anxiety. Yes, a wild claim but it seems you are getting some sort of juice out of looking up ‘your problem’. Anxiety is no joke but I hope you realize that it’s mostly in you head and are able to recognize this compulsion and let it go. Assume it’s fixed now, you have had the proof in your hand(or hands depending on your size) for 2 hours. Furthermore, you probably should start going out of the house again to combat your anxiety. I suggest going to the gym and doing some leg exercises. After a few sessions you will be surprised how hard your glans is! I have also experienced that fasting sometimes improves hardness, you can experiment with fasting and see what works for you. It can become a great tool in your arsenal.

To add, I think the doctor you called is trying to get a new patient by scare-tactics. I think this because the call was so rushed, nothing is free. In my opinion, you can remove venous leak from your mind.

Let’s hear about your week of no-touching!

Hey everyone, I’m sorry for the late reply, my life went downhill after my injury and I haven’t had the motivation to write (but there’s great news below). I have to come here and write this because I wouldn’t want anyone reading this/suffering the same thing to be left in the dark.

firegoat, you were right. It turns out I had damaged the tissue in my glans due the pressure I put from the “squeezing bend” exercise (at 90% erection). I believe it’s called the Epithelium tissue.

Black Jezus, thank you for your response, you are right about the healing. Also, I won’t mention the doctor’s name, but you are right about him trying to get a new patient (how utterly disgusting).

It seems I am 100% recovered, and I’m pulling my life back together. The sad thing is, it was at Thunder’s where I read about this being a symptom of Soft Glans Syndrome/ Venous Leak, and that’s when I went crazy, and started testing my erections/masturbating, over and over, every day. By doing so, I kept reinjuring the injury, until I eventually managed to completely abstain from touching my penis for 4 or 5 days, and it’s fully recovered. Had I not read about the Soft Glans Syndrome/ Venous Leak stuff on here, I would’ve naturally left my penis alone and not have been in such a fucked up state for the past 2 months.

Unfortunately though, my glans definitely seem larger than pre-injury, and while this may be a positive thing for some people, for me it’s very negative, because the whole point of me doing the exercises I was doing was to reverse my baseball bat shape (which was caused by jelqing), and now I’m left with a worse baseball bat shape than before.

Interestingly, in 2014, I started a Pump Only routine (no other exercises whatsoever) using the Penomet water pump, and after 1 month of using it, I believe I was gaining length and girth, in a nice and proportional manner (I probably gained 0.5” in length and 0.4” in girth in 3 months of inconsistent/random pumping). But anytime I surfed through Thunder’s, 90% of posts were against exclusive pumping, stating that you make no gains with pumps, that they will disappear, etc., so this is what pushed me into going back to manual exercises, going overboard with pumping, and that’s when I really ruined my penis shape, lost some size and suffered constant desensitization that takes days to recover every time I PE.

I am now going back to a short, Pump Only routine (10 - 15 minutes per day, every other day, or 5 days a week), and hopefully my curve/baseball bat shape will begin reversing in time. If it doesn’t, at least I know I did what I could. And I know I mentioned I won’t be doing PE, but this Pump Only routine was the best thing I ever did, it felt healthy and I wish I had stuck to it, so I believe that going back to this routine is a good call, and I will probably regain the size I lost (regardless of the baseball bat shape). I am afraid of the glans injury coming back, but I did pump today and my glans are still hard, so that’s a positive. I am just grateful that I have recovered and I hope that no one goes through the anxiety and depression that I did.

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Thanks for the update.

firegoat is fully RETIRED from Thundersplace.

All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

You’re welcome, firegoat. I do have another happy/sad update.

So, on the positive side, during these horrible 2 months, I learned that after a few days of rest, the hardness of the glans returns. It becomes super hard. This happened two times or so.

On the negative side, I am almost back to square one after using the pump. It seems I reinjured the injury, yet again. I guess I have to do another few days of rest (I’m able to do this now because I have lesser anxiety), and then once the glans is hard again I’d give it 10 more days of rest to fully/permanently heal?

Or do you think this is something I am stuck with that will always come back whenever I PE? It would be devastating if that’s the case, because I just discovered some INCREDIBLE pumping tricks that are visibly straightening and stretching my shaft like CRAZY, I’ve almost never seen this much expansion before (I’m hesitant on sharing my tricks, because while they’re working for me, I don’t want to be responsible for someone being injured).

Anyways, what’s your take on this now? My glans is visibly larger than pre-injury, so it also seems that it requires more blood to fully engorge. Do you think it could shrink back to its pre-injury size after fully healing? I wish it would. I’d appreciate any advice.

Honestly.. What are you doing experimenting and making up more advanced exercises so soon after an injury?

In my opinion you need to slow your roll and stop pushing so hard or you’re headed towards more injuries.

If it was me, after everything you just went through, I would not be doing anything beyond VERY beginner stuff for a few months and starting with like 5 mins in the pump at low HG.

You also just went through what was effectively a deconditioning break. You never start right back up with “insane” stretches and looking for wild expansion right after a break. That’s how you injure yourself.

Considering you’ve had more than one injury already and are already pushing your body like this, I think you need to take a serious look at how you’re going about this or eventually something might happen that you won’t recover from.

duketronix, I sincerely appreciate your concern and response. I have to clarify, I wasn’t exactly “experimenting”, I went back to my 2014 routine. It was the best and healthiest routine I have done, but it was discouraged by many people here, stating it won’t bring you gains due to how simple it is. It’s a Pump Only routine, about 10-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week or every other day. That’s it. No stretching, no jelqing, no clamping, hanging, extending, nothing other than exclusive pumping. This routine brought me all the gains and zero injuries (increase in length and girth, healthy erections and consistently fantastic blood flow). But after reading countless posts here, stating exclusive pumping won’t bring you permanent gains, I got into manual exercises (biggest regret) and that’s what started my downfall.

So in response to you, it may have sounded like I was going hardcore, but I’m not doing anything crazy at all (just the opposite). In the process of pumping, I just discovered some amazing tweaks that are visibly reversing all the disproportions caused by jelqing, and giving me amazing results, but nothing I’m doing is beyond beginner stuff. If you’re interested to know, the routine is;

- get a cylinder that almost perfectly fits you, not too wide or too narrow (I have a few different sizes), it must be just wide enough for expansion

- get 100% erect and enter the pump

- pump to a pressure low enough to be safe, and high enough to create the seal

- you MUST maintain the erection at 90-100%, at all times, and if your erection (and pump) starts pointing towards the celling, gently push down on the pump, but without forcing it (and keep your hand there)

- stay in there for a total of 1 minute, then pull it out

- repeat for 6 sets (so a total of 6 minutes)

That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. You can increase the sets to 1.5-2 minutes or so, depending on your comfort, and after you’re done with these sets (in an almost perfectly fitting tube), you can finish up with another tube if you’d like, something wider, maybe a water pump (Penomet). The overall session or time in the pump (all tubes/sets combined) can be 6-15 minutes. Forget about a few months, I have made my mind to NEVER do anything beyond beginner stuff, period. I’m using pumps only, air pumps and water pumps, at reasonable pressures and time. In the past, I used to just pump without any of these tweaks, and it was good, but these tweaks are something else. My injury has taught me that erect pumping focuses on your CC, while flaccid pumping focuses on your CS/glans. But to anyone else who’s reading this and attempting my routine, please becareful and be mindful, it works for me, but we’re all different.

I am planning to take a break though, until the glans is fully healed. The glans gets hard after as little as 2-3 days of rest, and super hard after 4 or so days, but once I get excited and mess around with it, BOOM, I’m almost back to square one. So I believe that once it gets hard again, I would still have to lay off for another 10 or so days, so that it’s permanently healed. This is based on a mix of firegoat’s advice and my own experience. Not sure if 10 days is enough though? Either way, at least now I know this isn’t Soft Glans Syndrome or Venous Leak. I look very forward to doing my routine, once I’m fully healed.

Great to here!

Big fan of pumping myself and also find it can do more than people give it credit for, at least for some of us. Relatively safe too.

Play safe and good luck healing.

duketronix, cheers!

And exactly. One of my biggest regrets in life was starting a manual routine. It was my goal to be married at no older than 25, but all those years I have wasted, and relationships I have missed out on in my young years, were due to the issues that were caused by manual exercises (the desensitization, the curve/baseball bat shape, the loss of size, lower erection quality, which all led to a very reduced sex drive). I’ve only done light, beginner stuff for the most part, but it still damaged me. I just turned 30 and I’ve never been able to feel my penis during sex. Sex was an extremely depressive thing for me, as a result. The moment my feelings started coming back (just a few months ago), I had this stupid injury. It feels surreal to have lost all those years. With all the partners I have had, I still feel like a virgin, because I never “felt” sex. I don’t wish this Hell on anybody.

I’m not bashing manual exercises (they work for some, they don’t work for others), I just wish nobody bashed Pump Only routines at the time I started pumping, because I would’ve been a very happy man today. Now my feelings are finally back, after almost a decade of desensitization, but I have this glans issue. It appears that it just needs more rest, in order to permanently heal, so that’s what I’m doing now (resting).

Thank you so much, and play safe yourself!

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Hey guys, I’m going to spare you from all the ups and downs I’ve experienced. In summary; my glans hardness seems to have returned, after a few days of COMPLETE abstinence; no PE (of course), no masturbation, no touching, not even looking at my penis. It seems that when I’ve unintentionally fasted or ate very little (either due to having no appetite or running around at work and being too occupied to eat), it speeded the recovery. The glans is getting progressively harder, it’s probably at 90% right now, maybe even 100% (my mind might be fucking with me a bit).

During the days of abstinence, I was having these burning/tingling sensations in my penis (especially when going to bed), which actually felt SO good in a therapeutic way. It felt like things were “reconnecting” down there, like stretched out things were “reuniting” (and now I know that they were indeed). It’s worth noting that sometimes (at least from my experience) even when you abstain, you won’t feel these burning/tingling sensations until maybe your 2nd or 3rd day of abstinence, because it’s like your body is thinking “okay, it’s been 48 hours, he’s abstaining, I have the green light now to start the regeneration process”.

I can now get an erection, masturbate, ejaculate, and the glans would still remain hard, probably 90% or more. It does feel like it’s still healing, it’s progressively getting harder by the day, so I’m abstaining even more. However, my glans is a bit larger than it used to be pre-injury, it’s longer (stretched away from the shaft). To some this may be amazing, to me it’s not, because it’s even more baseball bat-shaped now, and it makes my penis look shorter (like a mushroom effect).

That said, I know that pumping will fix this issue and bring my proportions to normal (from my own experience), so I look VERY forward to getting back to pumping, especially with what I’ve recently learned about pumping (scroll to one of my above posts to read). Now I just want to stick to a 10-minute pumping routine, every other day, for the rest of my life (with breaks every now and then), but my only fear is not knowing whether pumping will cause a sequelae injury. I’m going to give it more rest, to solidify the healing.

Just have to clarify, by “every other day” I mean Mon, Wed & Fri (with Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun off), for the most part. Might even do 2 days on/1 day off, and switch things up every now and then, but I want my routine to be 100% Pump Only, light and simple.

I’m new to this thread but man I’d say don’t pump or do PE? It seems like you when you take a break your penis feels how you want it to feel but then after pumping you regain injury. If you get hard and its hard enough to use for sex, be happy with that! Besides, women might really like the shape of your cock, it might satisfy some g-spots out there…

Starting length, Spring 2003: bpel 6 3/8", bpfsl ~6 1/2", flaccid ~3-4" (never measured flaccid stretched or hanging flaccid; starting girth was probably ~5"-5 1/4")

Summer 2004: bpel 7 7/8", bpfsl 8 1/8", flaccid ~4", erect girth 5.3"

Spring 2018: bpel 7 1/4", bpfsl 7 5/8", erect girth 5 1/8"; Spring 2020: bpel 7 3/4", bpfsl 8", erect girth 5 3/8". Current - August 2021: bpel 7 3/4", bpfsl 8", erect girth 5 1/4"

pumpedmember, unfortunately I assumed I was fully healed so I was a bit rough while masturbating, and it seems to have opened up the injury again. I just don’t get it, I wish there was a timeline I could see (as far as how long I should leave it and what not to do). It begins healing when I leave it, and when it seems fully healed, it goes back to shit after relatively excess masturbation (I emphasize on “relatively”).

I’m going to abstain again, for a longer period, and hopefully solidify the healing. My mind is so tormented from this and I literally went bald in the past 3 months.

Originally Posted by GA9119
pumpedmember, unfortunately I assumed I was fully healed so I was a bit rough while masturbating, and it seems to have opened up the injury again. I just don’t get it, I wish there was a timeline I could see (as far as how long I should leave it and what not to do). It begins healing when I leave it, and when it seems fully healed, it goes back to shit after relatively excess masturbation (I emphasize on “relatively”).

I’m going to abstain again, for a longer period, and hopefully solidify the healing. My mind is so tormented from this and I literally went bald in the past 3 months.

Maybe you could abstain from everything for like a week and then just be very gentle and coax an erection and masturbate softly and produce an orgasm/ejaculation? Just go really easy and softly. It seems like you heal up and then go at it kind of hard (regardless of pressure or duration, pumping is still pumping and to me, as a pumper for like 13 or so years, pumping is an intense action on a penis). Try to take a break for a full 7 days and on day 7 your testosterone will be at a very high level and just work on getting one erection and make yourself cum easily and don’t edge or play with it for very long. Try to cum quickly but with no vigorous stimulation, you won’t need it, your body will be ready to pop off trust me! Hope you can get back on track!

Hello GA9119,

When I first signed in I searched for some jelqing injuries to relate to mine and reach possible therapy strategies. I didn’t read your story until today.
I’m having exactly what you mentioned in some point with ‘tissue missing’ thing indentation-like. I have in the base of my penis ventral left side and is caused by jelqing. Didn’t do it for too long maybe a week or so but the pressure I applied resulted in this deformity to that spot. I too did this on October 2020 and and still have it. Visited some uros who examined me with doppler ultrasound and didn’t find any scarring, so Peyronies is out. They told me it to rest and that it shall heal with time. Did you have any improvements regarding that injury ?


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