Jelq injury

Hello guys! I’m new to this forum and tried to figure out how to post in the thread with the injuries but then found out that as a new member I couldn’t do so.
Anyway I m seeking for your advice and help. October 2020 I jelqed for about a week or so, sometimes after sex when semi erect sometimes flaccid but never 100% erect. I did this because my penis after ejaculation comes down with a minor curve and I wanted to somehow stretch it, I didn’t do it for PE. I didn’t have a plan about it I just wrongly did it. The results after this one or so week is that I feel my tunica/fascia dented in the base leftside ventral of my penis. The way it stands in my pants also feels off because of the dent. In the erect state it doesn’t go away completely but doesn’t bother my either. Pain was very significant for the first months but afterwards subsided. These days although I don’t stress my penis much the area where I injured it got inflammed (the heating type of inflammation). I went to 3 urologists to exclude the possibility of Peyronies disease and thankfully it isn’t that and they confirmed it by Doppler ultrasound. So after some extra searches in the web I found out about the connective tissue creep. But all I found was the stretch-induced creep and not the strained one. Could this indentation be a kind of permanent creep deformation ? Is this inflammation (heating) maybe trying to heal this deformity ? Any advice and help would be highly appreciated. I don’t know where to pinpoint.