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jelq vs uli with regards to turkey neck

jelq vs uli with regards to turkey neck

hi -i’m a newbie -just at the research phase here -have yet to even begin a routine. Have read a fair amount here about turkey neck. My question is; do people notice jelqing to be more likely to cause turkey neck that Uli or vise versa?

I do not currently have turkey neck. I’m circumcised. I will say the tightness of my skin when erect is ‘average’, that is I do not feel it is particularly tight or loose. & not sure if this matters, but my main goal is girth not length, although i am not trying to AVOID length gains by any means.

i’ve done a fair amount of reading about turkey neck here so far & will do more. so far this is the only info i’ve come acrossin regards to my question.

“Luvdadus followed up with:

I agree with memento that jelqing is the major culprit. In fact probably dry jelqing in a circumcised guy is probably the main offender. I think however dry jelqing is such a valuable stealth pe tool that in spite of the skin on the shaft thing I would still recommend it. However it is good to keep in mind that the skin may need some individual attention unless you don’t mind the turkey neck effect.”

I guess the only thing you can do if you get turkey-neck is to keep stretching your dick so all that extra skin doesn’t look weird. I think getting at least a slight turkeyneck is unavoidable if you do PE for a long time.

It\'s all about me.

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