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DHT Cream for ridiculous growth!?!?

Half inch gain in 2 weeks

I been doing pe on and off for a few years but was slacking off just using a extender hear and there . But this last month I decided to really get into it so I started hanging light with 5 pounds 2 3 hours a day with the auto extender sleeve I walk around with the wight on under my shorts and swing the wight . I jelq for 10 mins . And then I do this modified jelq I get a 75% erection and hold the base tight and I jelq up and then I pc fex after every stroke.I been taking ghrp 2 and cjc 1295 and hmg I believe this is the reason for such good gains in a short time . Ghrp 2 and cjc 1295 anr protein peptides that send a a signal to the pituitary to release growth hormone . But in a natural way unlike rhgh that can slow the pituitary down and cause alot of other problems . As we know growth hormone heal cells and tissue. Hmg makes the body release testosterone naturally by stimulating the lh and fsh receptors . Unlike steroids that will shut down your natural test and shrink your nuts and possibly your penis and will have a negatived effect on pe. Heavy steroid users that come off cycle use hmg to bring there natural test and nuts back. Since on hmg nuts got huge . I believe that with these peptide combine you can re mimic purity . And in combination with pe will grow a very large penis in a short time

Originally Posted by kruz
Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Oil which contain GLA is supposed to upregulate DHT receptors and PGE1 in the penis tissues. Maybe a high dose with the dht cream may work?

Hi, do you have studies backing this up? Any source?

Because it seems like interesting topic and I wanted to study further if there was a link between Primrose Oil and Upregulation of DHT receptors but I couldn’t find any online.

And with this Primrose Oil, there are pills (liquid form) and lotion/oil form. Which are you talking about?


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There are reviews online. Transgender people are using dht cream from a compounding lab. I think it has 10% dht compared to the 2% in the alcohol stuff.

I didn’t see anyone boasting about it working well. AND it does cause hair loss.

It would be worth the sacrifice if it worked but, in my opinion, I don’t think it does.


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