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Effects of St. John's Wort on PE?

Effects of St. John's Wort on PE?

Does anyone here have any experiences regarding the use of St. John’s Wort (SJW) and any possible effects it may have on PE?

I just recently started using SJW to combat clinical depression which I’ve been suffering from for quite some time. Unfortunately, I was stuck in a catch 22 situation because the depression was causing me to be extremely passive and indecisive and therefore I could never make up my mind and put the energy into getting help. The longer I went the worse I became. I’m still not exactly sure if there is some other underlying cause to what I feel (ie. chemical imbalance, repressed emotions,etc.).

This is the first time I’ve talked openly about what I feel so forgive me if I babble a bit. I’ve been to a shrink but found I have a defense mechanism which caused me to tell him what I think he wanted to hear. Either I was right in what I said or he really didn’t want to help me and therefore didn’t give a shit what I said. Anyway, what really pisses me off and finally drove me to start some kind of treatment was the fact that I have so much to be happy about yet I can’t enjoy it. I think this is where PE has benefited me because I’ve been so negative in what my future holds but PE lets me set a goal and strive for it. So far I have achieved each of my short term goals and this makes me optimistic about my life overall.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Thank you Thunder. If I hadn’t found this forum I know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today both physically and mentally. I’m not a “poor me” type of person so posting this thread is very hard. On the other hand knowing that the majority of the forum members who read this will only be encouraging and not take pity makes it easier.

I know that I will have to accept whatever treatment I require and thus far I’ve managed to keep it natural using the SJW. I’m hoping that it won’t effect my PE’ing but if anybody has any info or experiences to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You will only get support from this forum. Thundersplace is MUCH more than a PE forum.

Would I be correct in assuming (and at the same time showing my foreign ignorance) that SJW is a natural anti-depressant of some kind?


Thanks Guiri. Yes, I’ve come to realize that the support given here on all matters is phenomenal to say the least.

To answer your question:

Yes SJW is a herbal anti-depressant. It’s clinical name is Hypericum Perforatum and it is used extensively in European countries mainly Germany. It has started to gain more of a following over the last couple of years here in the west following some clinical studies showing its effectiveness. In the research I have done prior to starting usage I’ve found the only stated side effects to be photo-toxicity, (overexposure to sunlight) stomach irritation and fatigue. I haven’t found any reference to sexual side effects, but I figured with the cross section of members here at Thunder’s if there were any effects that were going to effect my PE one of you guys would know.

I hope my initial post didn’t come across as a cry for pity. If it did I apologize I think I’m still in denial and it just felt good to open up a little. My goal for the thread is a quest for information.

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I’ve taken it for over a year (1g a day). Quite effective. No side effects whatsoever for me (I wore sunglasses regularly before SJW and obviously am even more adamant about them).

I have gained well with the supplement, so it is no obstacle to growth.

My thoughts - be willing to experiment with number of dosages a day (keep your daily total in the healthy, safe range - I have felt disoriented when I took 1.5g a day in three doses total). Also consider quality. I use a fair GNC fingerprint version and it’s fine for me. Two doses of 500mg, once in the AM and one about 5pm for a total of 1g SJW.

Hey, with PE you make an accomplishment in your life. You are able to reach goals. Here’s the thing - you have a lot to be thankful for, and that’s good, but there’s also something to be said for adding good things to your life. The combination of the two is quite good.

I think you’ll be OK - just talking about stuff is a step in the right direction. And being adamant that you will be OK and make it through to happiness. Not a ‘well maybe I’ll be OK’ but a ‘YES, I will be OK at some point’. And that is what I think I am hearing from you.

Wish you well,


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Thanks Buster.

It relieves me to hear from someone who’s been using SJW with no apparent effects on PE.

I’m currently using a daily dosage of 900g of 0.3% per day. I was breaking it down over two pills one in the am one before bed, but I found that the stuff really tires me out so I’m trying the full dosage in the pm. I’m hoping that once my body becomes accustomed to the drug I will be able to spread it out over the day again.

I know I’m still in denial about being sick and up to this point I have been trying to assign blame both on myself and to those around me. Wanting to get better is hard to do when you can’t accept the fact that there is something wrong. After a long talk with my wife last night I have come to the conclusions that there are issues in my life both past and present that have been damaging to me mentally. However, at this immediate point dwelling on these issues isn’t going to make me better. Also the issues aren’t in fact the problem but instead its the way my brain is functioning and perceiving the circumstance. Hopefully the SJW will help to balance my brain functions so that I can clearly come back to dealing with “issues” and putting them behind me. Writing these goals and steps down is a hell of a lot easier then accomplishing them, thankfully PE has helped me build resolve and determination.

Take care,

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

I took it for a while but it made my stools looser than Zoloft which was given for free to me. I also supplemented it with 5-htp and SAMe. But one has to extremely careful to avild seratonion syndrome.

I wanted to get back into drinking so I stopped this regimine.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks for the warning TT.

I did a quick search on Seratonin Syndrome and SJW and found that like most herbal supplements just because it says all natural doesn’t make it completely safe. Although the required dosage of SJW is quite high to cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the possibility is there. Also in the studies I read the recommended clinical dosage for SJW is 900mg per day. IMO, any dosage over this should only be taken under medical supervision. Seems just as easy for brain chemistry to rebound in the opposite direction.

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

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The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

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