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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

“why does the penis stop growing DURING puberty?”

Because if it didn’t it would get too big to do it’s job.

Androgen Receptor in the Human Foreskin

Changes in amount and intracellular distribution of androgen receptor in human foreskin as a function of age.

To provide insight into the factors that control growth of the penis we measured the amount and intracellular distribution of specific high affinity androgen receptor in foreskins obtained at circumcision from 49 males varying in age from newborn to 59 yr.

Total (cytosolic plus nuclear extract) androgen receptor decreased from approximately 40 fmol/g tissue weight in newborn foreskins to approximately 25 fmol/g by 1 yr of age. The amount of receptor rose in childhood to approximately 180 fmol/g in the late teenage years and fell thereafter to approximately 20-40 fmol/g in men older than 40 yr.

The amount of receptor in the nuclear fraction increased at the time of puberty and subsequently decreased in parallel with the decline in total receptor level. These changes in androgen-receptor amount are similar when expressed per milligram DNA or per milligram protein.

I only present this for discussion, I’m not qualified to speak on this subject since I am almost completely ignorant in the chemical and biological fields.


Your last comments were way out of character for your normal rational discourse. Chill out. Should a psycho like me tell you “calm down”. I think not.

I have grown 1 /4 inch in length in 3 or 4 weeks of Jones product and almost 2 wks of on line testosterone. I can’t wear my 1 3/4 inch cock ring or I get big blood spots. I need my 2 inch cock ring

I filled my 10x 2 inch pump on girth all the way to the sides two times last week after the first 15 minute pump at low pressure 3-4 hgs of mercury. I am thicker on hang and my dick at the base is 6 1/4 without any pumping. Part of the time last week my hang was 7 inches. I hang big though. My dick has grown on this shit. Like it or not. Dangerous or not. I have only done erratic PE for more than a few weeks. Regular light PE last week. I am now conservatively 8 1/2” x 6 “days after pumping. If I wore my cock ring I would be lots bigger.

I don’t recommend it to anyone, but if you are an older guy I don’t see a problem. I went to my urologist on Monday and have an appointment for a complete physical in mid September. Chill out.

If I reach 9 it works; if not, fuck it.



“I’m not directing my angst at you penismith or any one in particular.
This has gone on for 48 pages and I have yet to see a progress report.”

I was feeling a little anxious. I do see what you mean.

It does not look to me like 4-ADerm works for most guys. Maybe it is the carier, maybe our penis skin is too callused from our exercises, I don’t know. feolds claims some success, but it would be nice to see reports from a lot of guys.

“This is important since it (gaining without effort) is a “too good to be true” proposition.”“

I see what you mean there too. I guess some of us are thinking that it grows during puberty, so why does it stop and can we get it started again. I guess the idea is too good to not think about it, although we may very well be opening Pandora’s hormonal box if we try to manipulate it.


Luvadus -

I don’t know how to link but I posted 4-Aderm gains (3/16”) on another thread in this (supplements) Forum.


Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

Like I said, I came in at .5 but I still dont think its possible. 4aderm is systematic with a low coversion rate. Wouldn’t anyone on AAS get the same results?

*Goes and gets a drink because the PH is making me thirsty…..


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I don’t necessarily agree with luvdadus’s tone but if it gets some of you to think, then I am cool with what he said.

You have, so far as I can see, no controls in your experiment. You do not know for sure if any gains stated in this thread came from hormone use or not.

A non-related but apt example from me, a long-time PE’er:
I quit full-time PE earlier this year because I liked very much where I was in size. I do the laziest routine I can do, without guilt. I pump maybe once a week, twice if I’m in the mood. I do some very casual stretches in the shower if I think about it. I do maybe a couple hundred jelks a week just to stay where I am.

Since I guit full-time PE my favorite cock ring doesn’t fit anymore, either. I can’t get that sucker half-way down my shaft even with major lube. Maybe that friggin’ event happened because Mars is closer to earth now than it will be again for eons.

Maybe a few of you got gains just because you changed your own programs? Point is, nobody here has shown in any even quasi-documented fashion that what you are doing works and so, I support luvdadus’s post. Ballistic though it was, he is hitting a target worth paying attention to.



I understand and agree. I can’t say my gains are from anything other than I am easy. I said it wouldn’t work but I am not going to lie about my gains. I couldn’t stop from Peing (hehhe) so I continued. I don’t plan another round with 4ad.

I think that you guys have to think of the repercussions of this. 16 year old kids hearing about this and shit, people with BPH doing it anyway, people trying to mix a concoction who never ever mixed kool aid. Those not gaining and thinking more is better, testicular atrophy because of long cycles to get that next 1/4 inch before stopping and so on.

Or that guy who is mixing a LH antagonist with testosterone and an anti E. Not that this isn’t done in the BB world but some of those guys don’t live very long. I am not saying anything about it because it is your choice to make.

Even if it does work…..Is it worth the risks?

luvdadus - there are progress reports. just a few. so far the results seem to be positive, if unimpressive.

Look on page 45 for numbers from Big, page 47 for a report from Cya.

Is there any one in this thread that can honestly claim significant gains with the magic grease and NO PE at all, since that is what this thread promises?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Copied from another thread

>>For what it’s worth I discontinued all PE about a week prior to and while using the Aderm.>>

So you think you got 3/16” with the aderm only?

Any others out there with definite gains on this treatment only and no PE?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey guys. Sorry I missed the last few pages of this thread. I did gain using the 4-Aderm from avant labs. But from what I understand you cannot buy it anymore because of the FDA.

Well I gained about 1/16 of inch in girth at the base and about 1/8 in length. That was when I finished the cycle about 3 weeks ago. I am gonna wait a little longer and see if they are permanent.

I also jelqed while using this stuff.

Seems no one else is interested in trying Jones’ experiment the way he phrased it - with the gel alone, no PE. I’ll try it that way. One person is hardly a statistical sample, but hey. You have to start somewhere.

deSol - check my Aderm Gains thread. I’m one of the guinea pigs.


Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

Just got my bottle in the mail today.

Let’s see how this stuff works…

I happen to have some natural testosterone supps.. Tribulus and ZMA are both in it, maybe this could be taken (along side the fact im into keeping healthy anyway and have no cases of baldness even in old age or prostate cancer in my family) alongside to make sure everything is evened out.. Also, can PE be done along side using this or is it not recommended? thanks alot



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