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Ginko biloba

And don’t forget that it is good for your memory too

This friday it’s going to be day 14! (I don’t notice anything major yet, though yesterday I had a slight feeling that my erection was a VERY small bit harder than normal)

L-arginine also increases the amount of sperm production, you notice it when you ejaculate.

gee I didn’t know about gingko increasing estrogen

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Well I’m on day 18, I haven’t noticed anything yet, in fact I felt I had weaker erections since friday.? Maybe ginko doesnt work for me.

I bought some zink and I’m going to continue using that while searching for something else to enhance my erection.

I’m in my mid Fifties, and was just marveling this week on the change since last year.

I dropped weight and got in good shape, also.

But have been taking several supplements. Also doing a kind of mind control thing (didn’t read about it, just kind of thought it up on my own and it seems to work. That’s what I was crediting till now).

But somehow I found this thread tonight. I have been taking 68 mg. Of standardized Ginkgo for around 4 months and even in that period my abilities have noticeably increased. To me, it’s amazing. I would say it’s been especially obvious the last month (say 3 months into taking it). Can’t be just the mind control thing - something else is at play.

From wet noodle a year ago to being able to (say) J.O. (Not all I use it for, but a good quick time/recovery test) say 3 times in 2 hours and could maybe more. And I could stay erect for hours (have done so a few times - like 6 hours - hey, a new/old toy recovered) if I wanted.

I actually visited tonight to see how to measure as I was sure I’m larger than I’ve been since 21 (I’ve always been close to 6 inches in circumference, but it feels noticeably “weighty” lately when filled with blood.

Never entered my mind it was the Ginkgo, as I’d never heard (till reading tonight) that it was good for ED, etc. If it’s the Ginkgo, I’m sticking with it. (At first it just made me mentally sharper).

Hm ok, I’m going to finish my bottle and drop the dosage to 120mg, maybe along the road I’ll notice something.

Does anyone else have any advice?

So would say.. Breathing in nitrous oxide.. From a whipped cream charger work the same way, and increase the nitrous oxide on your system?

Or is it not absorbed into your system that way?

Originally Posted by Reiki
Hm ok, I’m going to finish my bottle and drop the dosage to 120mg, maybe along the road I’ll notice something.

Does anyone else have any advice?

Ginko has to be used for long term like 6 months. I would stick with it 6+ months. Which brand are you using? I’m using Ginkgo from ‘Spring Vally’. From today I increased my dose to 150mg.

You could try the fluid one.

I have taken this one for study purpose’s.

You can drop some tears of fluid ginko on you tonque.

My experience is that it was hot and instantly felt like it got my ciculation going.

It a taste’s a bit like there is alcohol in it.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Here is a link also

Just wondering if Kingpole or maybe someone else could recommend a daily dosage for Ginko?

Originally Posted by Pringles Can
Just wondering if Kingpole or maybe someone else could recommend a daily dosage for Ginko?

Between 120 and 240mg of standardized Ginkgo Biloba per day in divided dosage.

Ginkgo takes 1.5 to 3 hours to get you horny, 14 days to see results in erection improvement. However loss of sex drive goes hand in hand with erectile dysfuntion.

If you are not horny with in three hours you need to keep taking it. Also I would eat protein foods to elevate testosterone levels to give back libido.

From what I read in wikipedia ginkgo does raise testosterone levels, but you also have to cut back on or give up those substances that cause libido/erections to fall as well.

Pain killers
Aperin (especially in older men, does not cause ED in younger men say younger than 50)
Loop diuretics
Anti depressants
Certain anti hypertensive drugs

If you are on any of the above two, ask your doctor to switch you over to Wellbutin or an hypertensive that will not cause erectile dysfuntion or loss of libido.

Ginkgo Biloba trumps the anti erection effects of depression medications and may even help with those blood pressure medications that cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. It may take longer than 14 days and you may have to take the upper dose wich is 240mg of Gingko Biloba to counteract the ED ability of these drugs.

Ginkgo is an anti aggregate and will cause prolonged bleeding, so don’t get yourself shot. Stop ginkgo use 7 days prior to surgery. Do not take ginkgo with aspirin or NSAIDS.

Other natural herbs that help control blood pressure without causing ED.

Policosinol (Really great if your cholesterol is really really high)
Green tea for severe hypertension
Golden root
Garlic and cayenne
Black tea for milder hypertension
Ginkgo Biloba

For depression:
St Johns Wart
Golden Root
Ginseng (providing you are not prone to anxiety or hypertension)
Fish oil (Great for ADD and HADD)

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Hi Reiki

If cost is a factor for you, this is an economical source for arginine (and other supplements):
http://www.bulk … ginine&x=7&y=11

You might also want to investigate using Tadalafil - cialis or other ED medications, which can be obtained with prescription or through alternative suppliers. This is a useful thread by webslave (go to the recent entries):

Liquid Tadalafil from kitsnmore

Ginko biloba seems like a miracle worker. I’m going to give it a try and post the results in the near future.

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