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Hormones control erections?

Hormones control erections?

Could an imbalance of hormones control how full an erection can become? But if you have an imbalance, couldn’t you somehow feel it or see it in your actions?

Hi Super !

An interesting question !

I don’t think that your actual erection strength is controlled by your hormoes, but I might be entirely wrong in guessing this ! There are many better qualified than me, on this board, to answer that, so maybe you’ll get more help there.

Your libido will definitely be affected by your hormones. We’ve all heard about the problem of teen-agers bursting with testosterone, and having erections all day (and all night probably), even though some of us are too old to remember ! The process is a complex one; certainly the hormones in your blood stream will affect how your sexual machinery works, and more especially how it responds to stimuli. The “teen-age erections” are supposed to be more spontaneous, that is, not necessarily linked to any special event or stimulus, but more likely the reaction of the chemicals in circulation will affect your triggering centre in the brain (the hypoothalamus). If you need more than this, you probably need to refer to a good book on the subject, of which there are many. You will also find some good stuff if you have not already found it on which is an excellent site in it’s own right, but also has a wonderful collection of links to other sites which may help. OK?

To try to answer your actual question, I think the answer must be “No” ! but you are definitely on the right track. Please email me if I can be of further help to you.

Take Care, and Good Luck


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