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l-arginine? it ROCKS!!

l-arginine? it ROCKS!!

Been on this now for 8 days (8 grams a day, split over 4 intakes) and it absolutely ROCKS!

My penis is SOOOOOOO much harder (especially at the base for some reason!) and feels “fuller”, plus I am starting to get ‘daytime visits’ from the old johnson that I’ve not had for years now! WOOHAH!!

Anyone in any dilemma about going for it - dont mess about - GET SOME!

Great news wondering if… I have just started on it about 3 weeks ago and PE feels more effective. The only thing I don’t like L-Arginine is you can’t get the powder over here in the uk. If you know any different let me know. The ones from Holland and Barrat are a bit more pricey and I am still waiting for my powder shipment from to arrive.

>”Anyone in any dilemma about going for it - dont mess about - GET SOME!”


I am going to order some buld powder and was wondering if 1 teaspoon equals one gram of powder? Anyone know?

According to this site one teaspoon equals three grams. (See info in left side panel.)

Can it help with bodybuilding and pe?

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