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Liquid Tadalafil from kitsnmore

Gprent: .5 ml equals supposedly 15 mg of tadalafil. 10 mg would be .33 ml. You are going to have to experment with what works best for you man. If you have no e.d whatsoever, from what these guys say, you should be 16 again.

Webslave: I am going to give my body time to adjust to the kitsnmore cialis. One thing that convinces me it is not as potent as the Eli Lilly stuff is that for me 2/3 ml of Kitsnsmore which is supposed to be 20 mg of cialis produces no indigestion, no nasal stuffiness, no musculoligamentous aches and pains, as well as no nighttime erections or even a hint of spontaneous erections. These are all things that happen to me on 20 mg of Eli Lilly cialis. But I will give the Kitsnmore a longer time run experimenting with it before I make conclusions. One thing is sure, the less medicine we have to put in our bodies the better off we are. Patience and rationality are the key here and not quick conclusions. Thanks for checking out places for analysing the generics. My compounding pharmacist freind will know where to direct me to.

I have mine in the bottom drawer/crisper of the refrig. Its at about 45-50 degrees. Whether that’s needed I don’t know. At least its outta the way down there lol.

gprent: If you ordered today, Friday, doubt if you’ll get it in two days. Probably Monday. The effects not nothing special if you have taken cialis before. Just a good deal from kits, price wise for sure.

I have never taken cialis before. Only generic viagra which makes me rock hard but then is gone. From what I understand, cialis might not make me rock hard, but the effect will last for 2 to 3 days.

Originally Posted by gprent
I have never taken cialis before. Only generic viagra which makes me rock hard but then is gone. From what I understand, cialis might not make me rock hard, but the effect will last for 2 to 3 days.

I think you will enjoy the cialis more. Since I’m a smoker, I hate the intense nasal congestion that viagra gives me. The reason I advise .5 ml/15 mg is for the muscle aches that are possible when first starting taking, after a while they go away. I assure you they aren’t pleasent, I felt like I had the hong kong flu. Others have missed this side effect, I didn’t.

Originally Posted by webslave
Thats what happens to me when I take viagra/sildenafil Bluenun! I seldom ever take it now.
Not sure what they use to make the liquid t, a biostatic solution probably.

webslave, sorry for misunderstanding what you wrote.

Do you mean that you get the same symptoms when you take viagra/sildenafil that I mentioned I get when I take Cialis/Tadalafil?

If so maybe I should try Viagra and see if I tolerate it better.
Because the negative symptoms I get far outweigh the positive I get from Cialis.

Yes Bluenun, the same negative side effects you experience. Maybe viagra won’t effect you so badly. Odd how the two drugs affect different people. The liq c, I can’t even tell I’ve taken it unless I have a nasty thought etc.

Hi guys

Can tadalafil prolong ejaculation??


Originally Posted by randychen
Hi guys

Can tadalafil prolong ejaculation??


No. It might help you recover faster after you ejaculate, but it won’t help with your control.

Originally Posted by gprent
No. It might help you recover faster after you ejaculate, but it won’t help with your control.

I do last longer on Viagra or Cialis and from what I have heard so do most people:)

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Originally Posted by webslave
And I can’t find nothing really on how to evaluate the potentcy of generic Cialis????

You would need to pay a laboratory to do this. Airsealed has a data sheet on their webpage where they state that the tadalafil powder is some 99%+ - thats as good as it gets, the guy who runs the page also offered on another board to pay everybody the costs if a laboratory finds out that the stuff is less pure (or was this only for Modafinil? I think it was for both).

But potency is the wrong word anyways, if then we talk about the amount of drug in one tablet - tadalafil is tadalafil there is no more or less potent variation of the substance. Taking into account that the drug is asscheap and the main costs are in pressing the pills, packing (blister) and transport then it should be clear that a manufacturer doesn´t win much if he underdoses - actually he will soon lose customers and business. I really doubt that anybody in a doubleblind test could figure out if a pill is generic or original. I think thats more imagination. Mostly people start with the original drug and switch then to a generic often after a pause. Then they say the generic is weaker. Well thats understandable, starting a drug is always more impressive then restarting except there was a real real long pause inbetween and not even always then. The first line of crystal meth was…..
..uh but I digress.

Schabernack I think your correct there.

I certainly last longer, with both C&V, indeed sometimes hard to ejaculate! It does desensitize me.

I wonder that because you no longer have to worry about losing your erection, the sense of immediacy is gone and since you don’t feel a need to rush, you last longer. Does that make any sense?

Thanks, guys

I need something to prolong my ejaculation, any suggestions?

Make shore you get enough water every day.

Lots of guys find that using L-Arginine increases their loads. It works best on an empty stomach and is contra indicated if you have herpes or other low level chronic infections. Buy bulk powders from places like 1fast400 or bodybuilding and it is dirt cheep. Analogs exist for a bit more $ if the Arginine gives you an upset stomach.

Do a search for L-Arginine or Arginine as well as play around with terms like “increase cum load” and you will find much discussion!

L-Arginine is working
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On the yahoo ASI website, older guys discussed the fact that 20 mg of regular Eli Lilly cialis taken every 72 hours can make a man anorgasmic if he has sex every day or more than one time a day. I know for myself that is true. Stronger doses of cialis do make many men last longer and can make cuming downright difficult where a man has frequent sex.


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