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Sedative herbs

Sedative herbs

Anyone take any calming herbs. I’ve been on edge for a while having been ODing on loads of herbal sexual stimulants and always restless. I’d prefer to try some herbs before going for medication. Any tips?

Based on this thread Lemon balm Theanine for anxiety I have been giving lemon balm (melissa) a try and think it has been having a calming effect for me. I am prone to self induced anxiety and haven’t really had much of that lately.

This is the product I bought: I take three a day with meals.

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Cool sounds promising. Will give it a try. Cannabis kinda works but I can only get high strength grass/skunk these days and it just makes me too paranoid and/or horny or hungry. L-trytophan kinda works but it just makes me sleep. I need something that I can still function with but feel relaxed. Funny thing is the ultimate relaxer for me is jacking off (not cumming just edging) but I’m quiting that so need a replacement.

Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea) is an herb that I just started taking with good results. It is an adaptogen. Here is a link that briefly describes what they are & other herbs that are similarly classified:
Adaptogen - Wikipedia

You may notice panix ginseng on the list too. This is the Korean version (believe that the American version is too) of Ginseng which has a mellower quality to it.

You might want to check out some of the different amino acids too…

The B complex of vitamins can have a calming effect.

Also do lavender and chamomile scents and chamomile tea.

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I used to take Korean ginseng and rhodiola as part of my ‘stimulant’ supps. Seems perhaps Rhodiola is calming but I’m sure ginseng is mind stimulating/enegy boosting. I need to be able to relax. Though I combined about 10 products at same time so have no idea what done what. I think I’ll maybe give rhodiola a chance on it’s own.



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Magnesium. Every night in my calcium/magnesium capsules, and if I am REALLY wired, I take an epsom salt bath, knocks me out every time.

And the biggest calming herb of them all is! Are you ready for this! Green Tea loaded with the amino acid Theanine. Even if you take ginseng and get the jitters follow it up with green tea and it will calm you right down so you can focus again. And it gives you good hard boners to.

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