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The Chemical PE Thread

There’s a drug name Misoprostol (brand name Cytotec). It is an analog of PGE1 and is used to induce labor .

It seems that was a study one in which they used this drug for men with ED…ile_dysfunction with some success .

I wonder if you we can use it to induce some connective tissue softening(of course with proper caution).

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Originally Posted by sentii
Did anyone here know that women’s foot are known to get larger, in the sense of that they need larger shoes, after giving birth to babies? Apparently the Relaxin surge can cause ligaments in the foot to elongate, resulting in the feet being splayed out more. That’s from such a short exposure to the stuff. Makes me really wonder what the potential is for also elongating tunica and penis ligs.

Interesting finding! However, I wouldn’t call a span of several months (I guess at least half a year) a short exposure. Either way, Relaxin is a very powerful (and a very expensive) hormone, appearing just about ideal to achieve enormous length gains when used for chemical PE. By the way, the same thing is likely to happen when overdosing Relaxin injections.

According to the University Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Adelaide, South Australia, a pregnant body is designed to increase the length of ligaments and soft tissue by a maximum of 10% although some women may be more susceptible to the effects of Relaxin. The body will only return the ligaments and soft tissue by 10% after the pregnancy state. This means that if the length of ligaments and soft tissues are increased by more than 10% there is a high risk of instability after pregnancy.…cts-of-relaxin/




Originally Posted by alin
There’s a drug name Misoprostol (brand name Cytotec). It is an analog of PGE1 and is used to induce labor .

It seems that was a study one in which they used this drug for men with ED…ile_dysfunction with some success .

I wonder if you we can use it to induce some connective tissue softening(of course with proper caution).

It is structurally very simliar to PGE-1 and from what I see, this quasi-prostaglandine targets the same receptors as PGE-1 and PGE-2. As of now after a frist glance, I can’t recognize a larger potential benefit than with PGE-1 (PGE-2).




Double Weener

Have you done any more research on DMSO and would you still recommend it?

Originally Posted by megzobo
Have you done any more research on DMSO and would you still recommend it?

See my recent post in the DMSO thread. When the next two Basics on injections are done, I will write a more extensive guide about DMSO, promised.

Since I am not a salesperson, I wouldn’t blindly recommend it. I can only recommend DMSO, when you have no immediate complications with a topical 50%-70% concentrated DMSO mixture, and none of the issues quoted in my linked post, such as problems with your eyes, or medication on drugs that possibly interfere. Apart from that, it is a great supplement to any form of PE with a whole host of known and indicated benefits, and I couldn’t imagine any of my routines without it.




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If I recall correctly, DMSO does have some possibility of being neuro-toxic. Sorry if the topic is already covered in the DMSO thread. But I will definitely be doing a lot of research on that before I’ll be injecting it into my manhood, personally.

DMSO is not totally covered in the other thread, and as organic solvent used to reconstitute and store peptides, this thread is not a bad place at all to enlarge on this chemical.

The beauty of DMSO is that it can be used to avoid injections, that is, to transport suitable chemical agents transdermally. For my part, I use it to reconstitute my peptides. Therefore a (mostly single-digit) percentage of the total injection volume is DMSO. I think, this is the right place for a little disclaimer: Do not use DMSO at a concentration higher than 70%! Don't even think of injecting DMSO at a concentration close to or higher than 50%!

I have a little story at hand about a member here at Thunders, who prefers to stay anonymous. Let’s call him Jim. Jim contacted me after his chemical PE accident he had. As a customer of the famous chemical PE practitioner and blogger Ronielle, Jim paid several hundred dollars for consultation sessions with Ronielle and an additional amount for research-grade PGE-1, DMSO and filters delivered by Ronielle. Jim started off, as adviced, with an already advanced dose of 10mcg PGE-1, which induced poorer-than-expected erections, yet at the cost of soreness. These injections consisted of PGE-1 solved in undiluted DMSO, that is close to 100%. Jim was interested in the injection of pure DMSO and Ronielle had not adviced against it. As written on his blog, Ronielle must have considered the injection of pure DMSO, which works as vasolidator itself, safe and beneficial at the time he gave this advice. Jim titrated further up by about 2mcg every other injection, which neither improved erection level nor duration, but instead increased pain and soreness up to a permanent state. He continued so, until he reached a dose of about 25mcg after a few weeks and kept this dose steady until the end of week 4. For the duration of his injections he used a cockring, probably too long at a time by his estimate, which mainly created fluid build-up. Jim described his penis after a 3 weeks on this regimen as “half-dead” and stopped the experiment soon after. For me, it’s not too hard a guess as in the same way as I personally learned about the dangers of PE in the hard way, the issue was nerve damage due to high toxicity levels. Jim suffered from erectile dysfunction and the psychological problems inherent to ED in the 2-3 months that followed. Sadly, this is a true and all too familiar story. Fortunately, Jim had close to completely recovered from his ED after about 3-4 months. Now, after a few more months of rest, healthy food and natural supplements such as ginseng, I am glad to write that Jim is feeling complete again.

EDIT: After first posting, I have edited this story in consent with Jim and in order to portray circumstances and technical details in the closest to factual way.




Thanks for the info. Have you heard from anyone or seen any new information of BMP-4? There was some talk here of it, but I haven’t seen any results posted.

Are you asking about Bone morphogenetic protein 4?




I have obtained Human Relaxin-2

Fellow Researchers, [Please excuse any typos]

I know there are many opinions on these matters, but I have found a few things that seem new to me recently, and I have been doing Chem PE off and on for a while now. I have a host of ideas and among my next trials are the forms of PGE-2, and Growth Factors. But for now my latest hope lays in Relaxin-2 as pointed out in the patent. I have tried PGE-1 and IGF-1, TB4, Oxytocin, HCG, DHT gel, PABA, and PRP\Priapus Shots (2 of them). All I ever did was some very basic jelq’s and pump, and use a Phallosan. I went from 18cm or 7.1 in to 7.75 inches, and went from 4.89 in girth to like 5.25 inside of about 2-4 months doing just this. My wife got the Oshot, and I got another Priapus shot and we felt 18 again, [We are 38 and 42]. Sex was magic that first night after the Oshot and Priapus Shot, its really kind of CRAZY. Puts PT141 to shame utterly!… Anyway that opened my eyes my healing cascade theory. The PRP shot activated my Thrombin or Calcium Chloride kicks out a host of growth factors. Like VEGF, and EGF, bFGF, PDGF, IGF-1. and many others. But it does so in an ORDER! and in a time frame. This cascade takes place over days of time. My theory is it can augmented along the path. When you know what class of effects each phase will unleash and what growth factors are involved at that time in the process. Like for instance you supplement during the phase VEGF is unleashed with more VEGF, or IGF-1 or what have you. Thus when doing PRP shots you can properly time when do do certain peptides and other agents. Like of course PGE-1.

I have a new list of suspects for me. They may not be new to any of the forums but they are to me and are part of my latest research efforts.

My latest discovery is SONIC Hedgehog! This may be the holy grail or the path to Mecca. SSH is its short name. This stuffs relationship to penis morphology and remodeling is astounding. Its at the very basis of angiogenesis.

Another new one to me is Hydrogen Sulfide that rotten egg gas is promoting angiogenesis in penile smooth muscle tissue.

Another one I want to deal with MMP-9 and BMP-4…MMP-9 could be better then PABA at remodeling the Tunica.

Ok and the last clue I want to throw out there is the connection between Chem PE and Hemorrhoids, Have a look at the connections and similarities to these two processes. What makes penis’s grow and what make purple peanuts grow are very similar. VEGF, MMP-9, etc, etc… Also not there is strong connections to the effects on collegan from TB4 and MMP-9. as TB4 depends on the actions of MMP-9.

My hypothesis here is at a micro scale level if you induce micro lesions or tears, certain growth factors can spawn these injuries into further vessicles and create a richer vascular network at the site of any injury either chemically or physically. Constant pressure via various means simulates the exogenous pressure created by the anal sphincter on the vesicles of the anus, the extend and grow similar to how the pressure in penile tissue can force extension and growth in the vesicles and vascular network..

Anyway that’s my input for now, hope some of you find it of value. I am a maverick and follow my own tune, but I am loosely following the spirit of the patent by Dr Adams, I have studied it well and read through the legalese and I see where he is going and what insights he has gleaned and hope to further it along with all my other fellow researchers and pioneers.

Peace out


P.S. Message me if you are interested in obtaining Human Relaxin-2. Or if you want to side step me, just search, a well known source thanks to me is now carrying it, but I don’t want to say a name because people will think you support them or some bs like that. Any you can find it now yourself if you are determined enough.

PGE-2 and analogs


I have some of these and have not tried them all in fear of pain… LOL

I speak with Ron here and there and he tried PGE-2 and he has told me a number of times it HURT Like hell. So if the idea is right the pain is remodeling and PGE-2 is stronger then it should hurt more. I hope my Relaxin-2 does not hurt, I am building the confidence to try it by January.


Bone morphogenetic protein 4

Guys, I have seen a good deal about this recently…

Check out the connection between BMP-4 and SSH [Sonic Hedgehog! LOL my latest discovery…] Ron didn’t even know of SHH [not SSH I mis put that in a previous post]. Anyway there is a stong correlation to SHH and BMP-4.

Shh was able to induce robust angiogenes​is, characteri​zed by distinct large-diam​eter vessels

Sonic hedgehog, Apoptosis and the Penis

SSH Protein and penile smooth muscle and angiogenesis?

“Both estradiol (E2) and Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) contribute to angiogenesis and nerve regeneration.”

SSH Protein might be a key player???

Sonic hedgehog (Shh) forms part of a regulatory cascade that is essential for growth and morphogene​sis

Sonic hedgehog (Shh) forms part of a regulatory cascade that is essential for growth and morphogenesis of many tissues. It is hypothesized that the penis utilizes regulatory mechanisms similar to those of the limb and accessory sex organs to pattern penile postnatal morphogenesis and differentiation and that the Shh cascade is critical to this process

thus provided evidence that Shh is not only required to establish penile morphology but continues to function in the adult to maintain corpora cavernosal homeostasis.

The role of BMP-4 in penile differentiation was confirmed by treatment of the corpora cavernosa with recombinant BMP-4 protein or a BMP-4 antagonist (Noggin). BMP-4 protein treatment resulted in corpora cavernosal sinusoids that were large but otherwise normal (lined by endothelium and containing blood cells visible within the interior).

SSH Protein and BMP-4 are both related to penis morphology.

Applicatio​n of exogenous Shh protein to rat corpora cavernosa, induces VEGF and NOS proteins

SHH contribute to generation of a vascular network and may represent a new therapeuti​c approach to treat pathologie​s associated with failed angiogenes​is.

Microparticles carrying Sonic hedgehog favor neovascularization through the activation of nitric oxide pathway

The morphogen Sonic hedgehog (Shh) promotes neovascula​rization in adults by inducing pro-angiog​enic cytokine expression in fibroblast​s

Our findings indicate that Shh promotes capillary morphogenesis (tube length on Matrigel increased to 271+/-50% of the length in untreated cells, p=0.00003), induces EC migration, and increases EC expression of matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) and osteopontin (OPN) mRNA (real-time RT-PCR), which are essential for Shh-induced angiogenesis

Originally Posted by Doubleweener
Are you asking about Bone morphogenetic protein 4?

Yeah, I know it seems stupid, but that’s the one.

Hydrogen sulphide and angiogenes​is: mechanisms and applicatio​ns

Hydrogen sulfide is an endogenous stimulator of angiogenesis.

Hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide are mutually dependent in the regulation of angiogenesis and endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation.

Mechanisms of angiogenesis: role of hydrogen sulphide.…sulfide-sex-aid

Hydrogen sulfide: it also increases tumescence (the technical term for ‘thickness​’) of the penis tissue during the flaccid state…-Prostate-Size/


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