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What goes with Tongkat Ali?


What goes with Tongkat Ali?

I tried to google it but couldn’t come up with anything. I was wondering if there was any other type of Herb that you can take along with Tongkat Ali for a pronounced effect. I just want to be safe when mixing herbs. Any links would be appreciative to. Thanks!

Tongkat Ali is awesome all by itself. More supplements doesn’t always equal better results. What stuff are you planning to buy? Make sure its a 50:1 extract. You can usually find a good deal on eBay.

Haha I got the 100:1 extract. Don’t feel anything with just taking 1. If I take 2, I masturbate at least 20 times in 2 days. Just trying to find middle ground.

Hey uplink, what brand - and where from?

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

Its LJ100 Tongkat Ali 100:a1 extract. 25mg 60 capsules. From the doctor Ray Sahelian M.D. I tried to find the website I ordered from but can’t find it. If I do I will post the link.

I ran across the site. Here it is!

Have a look at sd-200…lt’s 200:1 extract and I have had *very* good results with it..

Over the past few weeks I have been cycling 10 days on, 5 days off the following

5 capsules macca powder + 1 capsule SD-200 + 2 capsules “NOW” brand stinging nettle root extract with food twice a day

The results have been very positive so far!

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

What have the results been actually oz?

More to do with body building, better pumps, better lifts - What’s really interesting is the “rush” I get about 30 minutes after taking the combination.. it’s like being placed on a roller coaster and given the “push”.. I can feel tingles through the groin area/legs/stomach -awareness and “vitality have gone through the roof! - in fact the entire combination has me really going. When working out I can really feel the effects in my muscles, I know this is subjective however it’s about the only way I can describe it.

I have not felt like this for a long time, and I am 47 in June.

If I had to say what’s made the big difference, it’s the Nettle root extract. it’s ability to restrict if not completely negate the effects of 5 alpha reductase, (converts Testosterone into DHT), and at the same time prevent aromatisation of the extra testosterone into oestrogens means I am literally “swimming” in “T”..

I feel like I am 21 again!

I’ve dropped at least 3 inches form the waist, put on muscle, sleep better and am generally stronger/more alert.. - in fact, no negatives at all!

Be Well


Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

That SD-200 is expensive compared to the stuff on eBay and I tried the 100:1 extract and wasn’t impressed. If you go by how much you get, the extract, and the price…. the stuff on eBay is much better. It’s a 50:1 extract in 400mg pills and 100 pills per bottle for like $30.

Stinging nettles is an effective aromatase inhibitor from my own personal experience.

@ShyMplsMale -ebay may be cheaper, however I Do know the SD-200 stuff works..

@HumptyDumpty - Yup - though you MUST get the root extract, not the leaf - they have totally different effects apparently

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

So….. Stinging Nettles will produce better erections? I never took viagra so I just ordered some 50mg tablets and it came with a few 100 mg tablets. Going to take and test out to see what my EQ is like on them.

I was intrigued by the mentioning of nettle root, assisting in peoples goals, now let me see if I can get this right if I was to collect a few nettles from where I live (north wales) and grind it down to make a tea of sorts will this help me with muscle developing and good erections? I prefer to make as natural products as I can for instance yohimbe bark powder also located a supplier of tongkat ali powder I will be mixing in hot water drinking as a tea. Hopefully this idea will work.

Well only take the Tong Kat when you want to jack off 20 times in 2 days.

There is a possibility adding things may reduce TongKats effects? That stuff is costly. If it works all by it self , leave it at that and use as needed. I have had limited results from it’s use. I used NOW brand TestOJack.

The other brands get expensive and I get Viagra a lot cheaper that that stuff. I did try a whole herb Tongkat and it did nothing. I can not remember the brand. TestOJack is standardized and they use LJ100 but even taking double doses did little to improve the response. After taking a day or 2 I would get 2 maybe 3 days of slightly improved EQ. A little harder but more improvement in being able to keep it up longer without effort.

Stinging nettles did nothing as far as my experience goes. Pygeum sucked too. Maybe they helped my prostrate but I have no idea. I do know there was no sexual enhancement going on from their use.

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