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With regard to MPB and winstrol, regular 5AR inhibitors will not work since that is not the route winstrol takes. There is some interesting reading with a guy called Waseda () who claims that DHT itself is not the cause of hairloss, but it is an upstream component that causes TGF-beta and Caspase formation. I have not experimented with this, but if it is true then MPB could be addressed without using MPB prevention methods that inhibit DHT. DHT after all is one of the main secondary sexual promoters in the male.

Waseda sells products for this path, but he also freely supplies the information needed for individuals to create their own. Any google search with his name and hair loss will lead you to plenty of information.

It may or may not be relevant, but I should say that I am on Dutasteride as I try out these experiments.

I say, grab a sledge hammer and beat the damn thing into growing! It worked for me. I was 2 inches and now 12 with my new “just beat it” routine.

I plan on using a transdermal 3alpha/Yohimbe combination following my month long use of finasteride. I also plan on using a VED to attempt to accelerate growth. I still make over a week in fin before my experiment will begin.

I may also use a heat/cold cycle. I thought of stretching with heat for 5 min and then applying a cold water towel while still holding the stretch.

Do you mean topical Y or oral?

Topical. I tried an experimental run yesterday and I could definatly feel the Yohimbe working. I mixed it with MSM. I applied it to my bicep.

What dosage did you use?
Did you feel any sides (nausea etc)?

I tried Lipoderm-Y once, but felt nothing. Not surprising really considering it’s intended application though.

I have some Yohimbine powder and MSM, but never figured on putting the two together.

Excellerated heart rate, loads of energy and higher libido. No nausea but a bit of anxiety. I’m prone to that though. I took a 500mg capsule and used that. I think I only used about half in the application.

Edit: I’ll give it a shot and see what result I get from it. I’m pretty much done with gel#3 because of solubility issues. It mixes well with the MSM.

Sounds like it was systemic then. Perhaps it would be worth trying in Gel#3 to test is local containing effects since the effects are easy to notice.

Just put Yohimbe in gel #3 and with a similar result. Not as dramatic an effect but I can tell that I used it. Gel#3 is somewhat systematic as well. I would think it depends greatly on the application site and the number of veins in that location.

As a test, I used an arthritic medication with methonal as an active to see exactly where I would feel the effect. I felt it all through my mid section and very much in my prescrotal area. I think focusing the application on the arteries is a good method to use when using a transdermal.

Originally posted by Cya at 8
I may also use a heat/cold cycle. I thought of stretching with heat for 5 min and then applying a cold water towel while still holding the stretch.

For how long and how hard do you stretch when you apply the cold towel?

My Goal: 8"x6" - Currently: 7,5"x4,8" |-| Gains So far: Lenght: 0.5" Girth: 0" - Just going for girth ATM

I haven’t even attempted this as of yet. The idea would be to use heat to get to the apex of the stretch length and then cool it down so to “freeze” it in that position. Probably better to use a pump or weights rather than manual stretch.

I’ll write my (simple) routine up on here tonight. I’m working at the moment though…

I was on the tail end of a winstrol cycle during my 1st month of PE. The stuff I was taking was called winni-v tabs, these have a much higher concentration of cyclostanozol which is the main ingredient in winstrol. During the 1 month period of winstrol and PE combined, I mainly only jelqed. I gained about 1/4” during that month. Since discontinuing use of winstrol, I gained another 1/4” inch in my 2nd month of PE, and another 1/4” during my 3rd month. So all in all, for me the hormones had no effect on the rate of gains.


-Raptor15 (7.5"X6")&Rising

Winni-v is the prohormone equivelent of Winstrol. It has this is it:

25mg 19-Norandrostenedione
25mg 4-Androstenediol
110mg B-Cyclodextrin
100mg Caffeine
100mg Mahuang

Real Winstrol is Stanozolol only. You got bamboozled.

19-Norandrostenedione is a Deca (19-nortestosterone or nandrolone) precursor not Winstrol (Stanozolol) . 4-Androstenediol is 4ad so I dont get where they say it’s a Winstrol precursor. Just goes to show why some type of regulation is needed.


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