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do I need a new routine?

do I need a new routine?

I used to PE back in my schooldays … And everytime I did my routine It used to look big and pumped, bigger then before the routine.
I thought it was temporarily but the gains prety much stayed then.

But now I started PE again, the newbie routine again. And I don’t feel a thing after I did my routine. It used to feel worked and sometimes have some dots on it witch was ok cause they would go away again after a few minutes, but this would make me feel that it made a difference. Now it doesn’t feel anything, not worked or tired or pumped like before or not sore (witch would sometimes happen and I had to stop, but it would mean that it did something).

I used to have an advanced routine back then because I did PE for about a year or more, should I not start with the newbie routine again? But with something more shocking?

routine now is

5 min-WW (warm wrap)
5 min-30 sec downward stretch
10 min-3 sec jelqs (tryed low, medium and high grip power because I don’t feel anything)
5 min-WW
about 30-5 sec kegels (my muscle can’t handle 50 in a row)

2 days on/ 1 rest

should I add more stretches (used to do alot of them like the ‘over one arm while grabbing the other arm’ stretch and stuff, I would hold some stretches up to 5 or 10 minutes and then swich to another type of stretch and do the same)
I did get alot of stretchmarks from stretching but that means it used to work too. Now I don’t get anything from either stretching or jelqing.

Starting PE again (3rd time) after being non-active for 9 years.

stats: Oktober 11 of 2009= BPEL 6.49" EG 5.1" | Now: May 19 of 2018= BPEL 6" EG 5" (natural) - lost power

Goal = regain power and previous stats (at least)

If you haven’t done PE for a while then it would be wise to start the Newbie routine, just to get your unit into ‘condition’ again. then go n to the more advanced routines.

It would be worthwhile as you may be using advanced pressure and damage things.

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Gains aren’t always “pre-announced” by some specific feeling. It seems your routine is basically ok - I’d say stretch in all directions, not only downwards. And don’t use too much force at the beginning of the re-start.

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