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Fat pad and weight loss question

Fat pad and weight loss question

Hey, over the past year or so I have dropped from about 260lbs to 190, but my fat pad hasn’t really changed a whole lot. I have maybe lost an inch off it, but still have 1.5-2” left. Bpel I’m actually fairly decent size (7”), but look below avg with this pubic fat. My question is to those who have experienced a lot of weight loss, at what point does the fat pad start to go down, is it like one of the last areas for fat to come from and am I gonna hafta completely “lean out” in order to get it down to an appropriate size, like .5-.75”.

Right now I sit at about 23% body fat, my initial goal was to hit 18%, but now I think I’m just gona go ahead and change that to a .75” fat pad :)

Congratulations on the weight loss man! I’ve been pondering the same things as you. I recently went from 210 to ~180 (I stopped weighing myself, just seeing how loose the clothes can get ;p ). My own fat pad is about 1.25 inches. My fat pad never really went down, but I also think that part of that is from a little bit of loose skin.

Far as I can tell, you just need to keep trying to slim down. No way I know of to really do spot weight loss. Another option is to get surgery, but that sounds… horrific. Plus the idea of someone with a rasp sawing away at that area frightens me, surgical rasp or not.

Silly question for anyone else who reads this post, could you use a skin tightening cream to get loose skin to contract a little?

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There really is no answer. Everyone’s genetics are different and weight comes of in different areas to different people. You best bet it to simple keep up the good work and eventually it’ll reduce.

I agree. It comes down to genetics and excercise.

There are athletes who excercise all day, and are still unable to retain a 6 pack.
If you watch MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) (its pretty much an anything goes type of fighting) take a look at Fedor. Fedor is a world class champion in fighting, winning several gold medals in all styles of fighting and beating up Olympic champions with ease. He is widely considered the best fighter in MMA.

Fedor has a belly though. In all other aspects, he’s massive. He runs on average 15 km a day, and thats just part of his training. He was in the Russian military, where they have some pretty vicious training schedules. If you see a picture of him, he looks fat.

Well, I really deviated from the subject. This was just an excuse to tell you the greatness of Fedor. Having a belly is not a bad thing, as it gives you more stamina. Fedor beats muscle bound guys who gas (lose energy) in the first round, while he can go 20 minutes full-on fighting.

I just took a closer look at your post. Losing 70 pounds is amazing, and I congratulate you. Instead of simply excercising, maybe you should find excercises that directly target the stomach and such.

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