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Hanging without weight

Hanging without weight

My pe time is limited and hard to come by because of my schedule. I needed to find a way to hang when the oppurtunity presents itself,my whole hanging settup will fit in a fanny pack or briefcase. What I have been using for weights is a rubber exercise band, it looks like a jump rope with handles[stirrups]. Mine was made by reebok and I’m sure there many examples at fitness stores. It’s about 6feet long from handle to handle, the rubber hose appears to be latex,very strong and very elastic. The latex hose was attached at the handles thru grommets, with handles made of plastic grips with webbing straps. I pushed the hose thru the grommets and tied off the endsof the hose to adjust the band for the right fit [distance from my hanger to my feet]. I slip the handles[stirrups],on my feet, squat lower to attach the hose to my s hook on my hanger and extend my legs to hang. You might have to adjust the length of the hose by retying or keep your legs not fully extended or more bent at the knees. The amount of pull is infinitely adjustable and I am just begginging to explore various positions for maximum effect. I am a newbie and not sure if this idea has been presented before. My computer time is as limited as my pe time so I might have missed a post on this subject. I hope the members on this site can use this idea and prehaps explore all the possibilities. So far so good, no more steel plates, water bottles,or sand bags for me. Hang free my friends.

Sound intriguing. And like an ADS (all day stretcher) type device.
You can stress your dick with that but don’t see how you are going to control the intensity of the pull.

Be careful with too much pull you can injure yourself very easily.

Thats what I like about this settup. You can control the pull by adusting the latex hose or just straighting out your legs gradually.

Understand that you have full control over the pull by adjusting the hose.
Concern is you don’t know how much you are pull this time, versus last time, and where to set it next time to increase or decrease your pull.

If it is working for you great, concern is someone else will try it and hurt themselves.

Ill grant you that but I like the portablity

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