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Important jelq question

Important jelq question

I have been been doing PE for about 5 months now and actually feel that when I jelq my penis feels completely different now I only do about 500 wet jelqs but it just feels weird on my penis, not like when I started, it is kinda hard to explain, it’s like instead of the penis feeling soft while I jelq it, it is hard but I am not fully erect. I don’t know maybe it’s time for a change in girth exercise. Does any 1 out there know what I’m talking about? Any advice

Do fewer jelqs see what happen.
Also, are you warming up sufficiently?
Are you stretching?

When you add jelq reps you should also add warmup time and stretching time as well.
And when you get up into the 500 range you should take the next day off.
Are your erections 100%?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

How much would be sufficiently? I usually do it for about three to four minutes. And what I do is the stretches first and then about 3 hours later I do the jelqing. My routine is

4 to 5 minute warm up
3 sets of 30 second stretches in all directions
4 to 5 min warm down

Sometimes an hour later sometime four I go into 4 to 5 min warm up
Was doing 500 jelqs now lowered to 300.
After that 5 min warm down

What do you think king pole? Thanks by the way man

Heat is the key to growth it also protects you from injury. If you do 500 jelqs I would say warm up at least 15 minutes. Stretch for 15 minutes then jelq your 300-500 strokes. Kegel warm down for 15 minutes.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I say Jelq 150, re-warmup, another 150, re-warmup, another 150, re-warmup, 50 easy ones as warm down, then wait 15mins, warmup again, then stretch.

Listen to kingpole he knows what he is talking about.

One question king pole.. I read somewhere that it is good to separate stretch from jelq by like a few hours is this correct or a load of bull? Man it’s my 6 month and nothing I’m getting ready to shoot myself, why does GOD punish us like this? I know you are not god so disregard the last question but I just don’t know where to turn.

Thx by the way

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