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Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart

Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart

So, I decided to figure how much time I should increase to the stretch and jelqing based on the Newbie Routine. At six weeks you should be doing 30 min jelq and a
10 min stretch. So, for each week assuming you do a steady incline you will end up with this:

Week 1 - 10 min Jelq | 5 min Stretch
Week 2 - 14 min Jelq | 6 min Stretch
Week 3 - 18 min Jelq | 7 min Stretch
Week 4 - 22 min Jelq | 8 min Stretch
Week 5 - 26 min Jelq | 9 min Stretch
Week 6 - 30 min Jelq | 10 min Stretch

Unless there’s any reason to hold off an increase each week this would be the appropriate increase.

Looks good but what you gonna do week 7 theirs no point to go over 30 mins.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

Would this give bigger gains than the plain newbie routine (10 min jelq/5 min stretches) for 6 weeks?

26-Nov-2014 (sin la consistencia que quiero)= Flac: 10 cm. Erection (BP): 14 cm. / NBP 12.9 cm. / Girth (Grosor): 12 cm.

Short term goal (Meta a corto plazo): 15 cm x 13 cm. Final Goal (Meta Final): 20 cm. x 16 cm.

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